The debate on Buhari’s age and his desire to be president


Quite a few people have reservations about Buhari because of his age…some think he’s too old to be president. Here is a tweet chat between Dele Momodu and Ohimai Amaize over Buhari’s age and what it means for Nigeria. Read and tell us what you think.


  • What has age got to do with it? We need upright men and women to lead in Nigeria. They could be the younger generation or the older generation including those in their 60’s, 70’s or 80’s provided they are not demented or going senile! Afterall, what has the middle aged men and women in the current administration done for us other than bringing the whole country into disrepute! We desperately need the government that will enforce the rule of law in Nigeria. A government that will frown at corruption. A government that will provide employment and electricity 24/7. A government of action but not empty words. It doesn’t matter whether these needs are actualised by the younger generation or the older generation or both but what matters is that they are actualised!

  • What has the under age done for Nigeria and we Nigerians ? Goodluck Jonathan just celebrated 57years of age, Allison Madueke is 54yrs, Okonjo Iweala is 60yrs, The first Lady is 57yrs etc what ve this pple done for us ? They re all bunch of idiots.

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