Tortured Couple File N100m Lawsuit Against The Nigerian Police

The couple who were battered by a policeman in Lekki are suing for N100m.Ejeh and Grace Smith,were battered by a corporal who stopped their taxi. The suit was filed on their behalf by the Femi Falana Chamber, asking the police to pay the couple for the injuries and trauma they suffered from the officer, Dada Ogunsanya.The statement reads


We are suing the police for N100m. We will finalise all documentations by Friday and latest by Monday, we will be in court.”“Frankly speaking, in a democratic setting, what happened to the couple was uncalled for. It is unfortunate that we now have policemen who have no regard for citizens’ rights and have little or no regard for authorities.”

“There is need for the society to rise up and checkmate them at this stage. If we don’t do anything, things could get out of control. The police said they have started taking some administrative decisions, that they have transferred the DPO. That is not enough. We want the in-house administrative discipline publicised in the media,”


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