Uche Jombo Rumoured To Have Lost Pregnancy

According to very reliable sources, one of our leading stars has suffered unimaginable agony.


Uche Jombo travelled from Nigeria to the United States over 4 months ago when she was pregnant, with the hope that she will remain in the United States until her delivery. But unfortunately, she lost the pregnancy before she could give birth.

However God has been Merciful and the actress is pregnant again. Insiders confirm that Uche Jombo is presently taking a rest from making movies and instead focused on pushing her most recent produced movie “The Other Side” into the market.

Below is a picture of when she was pregnant before leaving for the United States months ago, and the other picture is one she took a week ago.

Being pregnant for many months and losing the baby is never easy. We wish her good health and hope everything goes well with her current pregnancy.

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