Why I Opted For Crowdfunding Over Jonathan-like Fund Raising – Buhari

Muhammadu Buhari

The presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (rtd.) has explained why he decided to embark on crowdfunding on Facebook, for the 2015 elections.

Buhari, who just raised more than N54 million from the crowd sourcing platform said a fund raising program like President Goodluck Jonathan’s, where the president raised N21 billion, was unnecessary and did not carry ordinary Nigerians along.

The former head of state said that carrying the masses along would make him more accountable to the people if he is voted into office next year.

“This is my approach, God knows and you know it. Go and ask my former running mate, Pastor Tunde Bakare. I heard him saying in an interview that when we started campaign with him, he never knew there was such a large number of people in the north. So my strength is mainly with the ordinary people.

“You know N100 is a lot of money for them, and I believed they will make that sacrifice especially when I told them that I’m going to sign the cheque to get even a kobo out of that amount. That is why I depend on them and we are taking this idea mainly from what happen in United States.

“When Obama came out to contest, he was a colourful person. The big companies were for him. But he knew that he needed the ground foot soldiers. So, when he came up with this idea, he was able to finance his campaign without looking for money bags or any influential person. So, he remains independent. This is what I want to achieve,” he explained.


  1. Who is fooling who, Buhari their friend let me educate you; They said ” old age does cruel things to the mind” your case is all about your age, it has made you acts like a premature female. Why must you always criticizing, denigrating and blackmailing ya opponents? You seniors Jonathan by far but, he chose to humbled and composed himself in an acceptable manner, I’m sure that is indicates how well someone was brought up indeed. For me and my household, our votes go horizontal to Jonathan. I don’t want to be lead by the fools coz the leader doesn’t know and I his follower does not know too, so that leadership will yield unexplainable catastrophes.

  2. Democracy is defined as “the government of the people, by the people and for the people.” The approach of General Buhari in raising fund for his campaign is brilliant and should be applauded. He could have easily approached the rich men and women of Nigeria for financial contribution but he approached the people of Nigeria because he believes in democracy, and of course, the people! If the financial support for his campaign comes from the citizens of Nigeria, then he is accountable to them but if it came from businesses, companies and billionaires, he is likely to be accountable to them. This defeats what democracy is all about. When people donate anonymously, it’s usually from their hearts but when donors are known and publicised, there is usually a hidden agenda behind it. In Nigeria it’s usually something for something or quid pro quo. Buhari’s constituencies are not businesses, bankers, millionaires and billionaires of Nigeria, but first and foremost, the masses or citizens of Nigeria. However, this does not preclude businesses, billionaires, bankers, etc from contributing to General Buhari’s campaign but they must do so anonymously and with good intention. So the government that the people of Nigeria should look forward to and advocate come 2015 is the government of the people, by the people and for the people. Long live Nigeria!!!

  3. @mr buhari, why do u always criticize even at ur age? the breakdown of Jonathan’s donation show 5000 donated by an individual & group, is it GEJ’s fault dat his donation is higher dan urs? Come 2015, all ur hidden agendas will b exposed (mr do or die politician)

  4. U are very correct bro,I wonder!!election is nt a do or die affair.I wonder why he is so desperate, he has fail 3 times so pls let him go an look 4 sumtin else an do is an old man 4 GOD Sake.

  5. Triviality.Tell Nigerians the GAPS detected in President Jonathan administration that you want to fill.A unique programme in the short,medium and long term.Tell us the envisage sources of funds and time frame.Inaddition,what is your game plan to halt the current insurgency and terrorism as promised.Furthermore,what is your foreign policy trust.


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