Why The US Has Not Been Able To Help Nigeria End Boko Haram Insurgency

Mrs Maria E. Brewer

Deputy Missioner, US. Embassy,Abuja, Mrs Maria E. Brewer has explained why it seems like the country has not been effective enough in the fight against Boko Haram insurgency.

Brewer, who spoke at the Hubert H.Humphrey 2014 Annual Lecture held at the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs, Lagos, explained that the US is in Nigeria to work with the country and not for it. Besides, winning the war takes more than military prowess.

The diplomat, who spoke under the theme, Managing Down Insurgency:The American Experience, affirmed that Nigeria is the United States’ most important strategic partner in Africa. The US therefore wants the country to win its war on terrorism. But the US has learnt that defeating terrorism requires more than just military power, it requires economic development in impoverished areas, where extremism takes root, accessible education opportunities for all and a free and fair press that can report openly and without fear of reprisal.

“Fighting terrorism requires civilian and military leaders to work together to both defeat the enemy on the battle field and address the root causes of conflict,” said Brewer.

“Focusing primarily on the population, rather than the enemy, and reinforcing the legitimacy of governments at the local, state and federal level, reduces the influence of terrorists. This can often only be achieved in concert with political reform to improve the quality of governance and address the underlying grievances of the community, many of which may be legitimate,” she added.


  1. fghting terrorism requires both short n long term approach and d US knows this. are they asking nig to stop military action and rather concentrate on poverty reduction and erradication now while d devils continue destroying our people on daily basis? they know dat that isn’t going to work, nor is it practicable any where in d world. that would simply be chasing rats while ones home is on fire. by d way, are there no poor and down troden in america irrespective of their wealth? america should give us a better reason y they have delibrately refused to assit nig now dat we need dem d most. perhaps it has so much to do with sodomising nig which we collectively rejected and will continue to reject at d risk of our lives.