Wives Of P-Square, Anita & Lola Okoye Organized A Christmas Party For Kids Of A Floating School In The Slum Of Makoko, Lagos | PHOTOS



The Okoye women have a heart of gold and did their bit to put a smile on the faces of kids of a school situated on a water somewhere in Makoko. Lola Okoye and Anita Okoye took their philantropic gestures to the slums of Makoko and put smile on the faces of these beautiful children. Anita shared the amazing photos and captioned one of them with;

These children attend the floating school (in the first picture) and @kinabuti decided to organize a Christmas party for the kids. It was a fun and life-altering experience for me as I learnt not to sweat the little stuff and be grateful for all I have. It shows how genuinely happy people can be in any situation. I connected with a lot of these children and cannot wait to go back to Makoko.

Check out some eye-candy photos below.




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