Word? Nkiru Sylvanus Set To Marry Oge Okoye’s Ex-Husband



Actress, Nkiru Sylvanus has rekindled her love life with her ex-man, Stanley Duru. During their relationship, Stanley met her industry colleague, Oge Okoye… They dated as well and eventually got married. During their marriage, which was done only traditionally, Oge Okoye got pregnant and gave birth twice… To 2 kids.

Stanley Duru

Stanley Duru

So now, Nkiru and Stanley are back in each other’s arms and are set to married. The wedding is supposed to take place this month but it has been shifted to next year.

Words are that Nkiru Sylvanus will release a press statement to address the drama while Oge Okoye remains furious about the whole synario because she sees it as embarrassing.



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