World’s Most Flexible Woman Releases Stunning Calendar 2015

Men like flexible women but this girl will surely shock you with her jaw-dropping bending techniques!


A 28-year-old beauty has broken many world records for her flexibility – and demonstrates her stretchy skills in her annual calendar. Zlata, whose real name is Julia Guenthel, twists herself into the most extreme poses imaginable wearing a gold jumpsuit


She has been contorting her body since she was four years old, now trains every day to keep her muscles in shape. Amazing images show the young woman wrapping her legs around her head and standing on her hands, bending her torso all the way back to put her head between her legs.


The Russian former gymnast who now lives in Germany said, “I wish my fans, contortion fans and all the contortionists around the world a lovely Christmas time. Stay faithful to me next year and I will have many more surprises for you.”


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