10 Signs Your New Guy Is Mr. Right

admin-ajax-php-203Here are 10 signs that your guy is the right guy for you:

1. You admire your partner for who he is as a person. You like and respect who he is and how he carries himself through the world. If you can’t respect the way a person lives their life, let alone admire them, it’s hard to keep any relationship going.

2. He keeps his agreements. He calls when he says he is going to call. He takes you out when he says he is going to do so. When a man is interested in a woman, he keeps his agreements.

3. He makes time for you on a regular basis. He makes you a priority because he values your relationship. Even when he is swamped, he makes time to spend with you. This includes regular text messages or phone calls to show that he’s thinking of you.

4. He’s comfortable talking about the things that interest you and asks you questions about your hobbies, friends, and family.

5. He makes plans to do things with you and includes you in his inner circle. If something special is going on in his life, he invites you and encourages you to come. If he has young children, that’s the exception because he is wise to take it slowly.

6. He takes you on dates. Ifyour dates have become mostly focused on being alone and having sex, you’ve become a “friend with benefits.” These relationships rarely lead to a committed relationship.

7. He’s affectionate in public. He’s comfortable holding hands and showing other signs of physical affection around friends, family, and when you are out in public.

8. He makes you feel good about yourself. A partner who truly cares about you is a boost to your self-esteem. He values you and gives you positive reinforcement such as compliments.

9. If you have kids, he’s receptive to meeting them after you’ve been dating for awhile. Don’t waste time with someone who doesn’t appear to be a good fit for your family. However, it makes sense to take it slow if one or both of you have kids.

10. He talks about your future together. If he says he’s not ready for a commitment, take him seriously – he’s just not that into you. Don’t waste your time on a relationship that is headed no where.

If you feel that your guy is the right guy for you but you still fear commitment, you might want to consider the following: Know that no relationship is conflict free, but you are worthy of having a relationship that makes you happy. If you aren’t there yet, embrace where you are now. What is it that holds you back from achieving a satisfying relationship? And once you have it, what will you do when you get there?

The best partner will compliment you and bring out your very best. When you are with him, you will begin to see untapped possibilities within yourself and in the world. In any relationship, you will face ups and downs and your love will be tested. However, where admiration and respect are found, love will be sustained. But where these things are absent, love will die. Finding a partner who likes and respects you as much as you do him will give you the best chance of finding love.

source: divorcedmoms.com


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