15 Signs You’ve Really Found Your True Best Friends Forever

Why-You-Shouldnt-Envy-Other-Couples-635x400Everyone uses the term BFF (best friends forever, duh!). However, that second ‘F’ seems to get lost in translation at times. In case you’re left wondering whether or not you’ve really found your true bestie(s), here are 15 surefire signs that he/she/they are in it for the long haul:
1. They’ll give you the tough love other people are afraid to dish out. “No, you don’t actually look good in that outfit.”

2. You’re totally comfortable hanging out without exchanging words. Especially on long road trips.

3. If you’re hating on someone, chances are they are too. Word.

4. Finishing each other’s sentences happens regularly. Like, ALL THE TIME.

5. Their parents treat you like one of their own. (Though, if they’re anything like Regina George’s mom, you should probably question their sanity.)

6. You know one another’s good sides for prime picture taking. Posing with anyone besides your BFFs is such a hassle now.

7. You’re not as embarrassed about your bodily functions around them.

9. So what if you spend some time apart? When you get back together, it’s like no time has passed at all.

10. Only you guys can understand your text messages. Anyone else that tries to read ‘em would be completely lost.

11. What’s yours is theirs, and what’s theirs is yours. No need to apologize for taking their stuff.

12. Money is not an issue. If one of your friends need it, you’ll spot them. Case closed.

13. etgaeogehqgadiogh. It may sound like gibberish to everyone else, but it makes total sense to true besties.

14. You invite yourself over. At this point, you don’t even ask; you just walk in.

15. It is essential that you post this on their Facebook walls.

source: teen.com


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