2015: ‘Forget The South East’, PDP Tells APC •Says Buhari Will Be Humiliated

Buhari-Campaign-EnuguThe Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has described the All Progressives Congress’ cap in hand scouting for South East votes as will-o’-the-wisp, sheer delusion and a mid-day feverish dream, asking the opposition party to forget the zone as South-Easterners will deliver 100 percent block vote to the PDP in next month’s general elections.

PDP National Vice Chairman, South East, Austin Akobundu, in a statement on Saturday said “the South East apart from being an impregnable forte of the PDP, the APC’s ideology of lies, deceit, divisiveness and violence is a vexatious stigma that makes support for it a cardinal sin among the peace loving people of the zone”.

“One thing is sure: There is no place for the APC in the South East, so they should not hope to get any vote from the zone. The bitter truth for the party is that the five states of the South East are solidly in support of the PDP and will deliver a block vote for President Jonathan and all our candidates in the February elections. We therefore wish to advise the APC, its Presidential candidate as well as other candidates not to waste energy in the zone”, the party said.

Stating that “there is no way the South East will choose the APC, which represents anarchy and violence in place of the PDP, which has brought stability and development to the country in the last 15 years”, the ruling party said APC Presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari, will be humiliated in the elections as he has nothing positive to offer the electorates in the zone in particular and the nation in general.

“When Buhari was military head of state, he did not remember the South East for any concrete project. The only legacy his draconian rule left for Ndigbo was the unjust hounding and jailing of credible South East leaders such as former Vice President Alex Ekwueme and former Governor
of the old Anambra state, Senator Jim Nwobodo through a heartless Kangaroo trial that threw justice to the dogs. The extra judicial killing of innocent citizens is scar that even hyssop can’t wash”, the PDP said.

Arguing that ‘Igbo adighi ahapu ebe a na-echi ozo, gaba ebe a na-aru agwu’, meaning; “no one leaves a princely gathering with prospects of wellbeing, for the house of exorcisms with accompanying gnashing of teeth”, the statement said the South East is solidly PDP.

The statement advised the APC not to be hoodwinked by the Imo state Governor, Rochas Okorocha and other axial politicians to believe that it has structures in the zone, describing them as a lone voice in a distant ‘ajo ofia’ – the evil forest.

“For the APC, a party that holds no promise for the South East either in its unofficial defacto conclave or in its de-jure leadership structure or even in its tentative basketing of offices if the miracle of winning power at the centre ever happens, the people will ill afford a train that leads to nowhere”.

The PDP added that it remained the party to beat in Imo State with formidable structures and very popular candidates saying that the citizens are eager to vote out Governor Okorocha and bring an end to APC’s misrule in the state.


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