8 Incredible Facts You Don’t Know About Kissing

goofy_couleKissing has been viewed as a good way to show love or to end a romantic date also a means of close body contact, the act has been taking for granted, some do it just for the fun of it and others even avoid it because of some virus said to be transmitted through exchange of saliva, but there is more to kissing than we have care to consider.


1. Kissing has being said to boast the immune system. Recent studies have shown that kissing help improve the immune system especially in pregnant women. It helps fight Viruses like ‘cytomegalovirus’. This virus has being know to cause blindness and other birth or infant defects.

2. Kissing help relief pain, cold, flue, headache and cramps. The endorphins and adrenalines released during a heated marathon kiss gives relief to the body.

3. It reduces stress and make you happy: (according to ellen wood in her book legally bond) during the act of kissing, the endorphins realised can also make you happy and relieve a stressed body.

4. Kisses can also help burn calories. Thought the calories burnt during this act may not be as much as the one burnt when running, swimming, jogging or performing other rigorous exercise, but

5.kissing speed up the rate of your heart pumps which burns about 2-8 calories per minute. It can also be said that kissing boosts metabolism.

6. Kissing help stretching and strengthen the facial muscles, it also tone up the muscle when the mouth and tongue move.

7. Its strengthens the bond in a relationship: when kissing, the body releases a hormone known as oxytocin which is also called ‘the love hormone’ this hormone is produced by both sexes during kissing and it causes a bond between the partners especially the female.

8. It also help your decision when it comes to choosing a mate or a partner

Caution: Although kissing is good for you, it should be done with a healthy partner since some virus can be contracted through the exchange of fluids like sweat, blood, semen and saliva.


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