A Closer Look At 2face And His Babymama, Pero Deep Kissing At The Club + Details



On Sunday January 25th, a photo of 2face and the mother of 3 of his kids, Pero Adeniyi kissing at his Rumours Night Club in Festac almost broke the internet into pieces.

Details of the photos and what is going on with 2face, Annie and Pero have since emerged.

Words on the grapevine say 2face and Pero have always been good friends despite being married to Annie and also, 2face ensures ALL 7 of his kids are in contact with each other – seeing each other as brothers and sisters.

Annie isn’t cool with this and has since told Pero to leave her husband alone. Pero, who is based in the US, has been in Nigeria for a while… Why she had time to ball with her baby daddy 2face.

Sources also claim Annie was at the club when the photo above as taken but was taken to a room by the club managers to avoid creating a scene.

2face has since reacted to an alleged crack in their marriage this morning.

Photo: SDK


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