Abortion Will Make You Rich: Ludacris Allegedly Offered Babymama $10k & House If She Aborts


Ludacris Tamika Fuller

Ludacris and his baby mama were in court yesterday as Ludacris seeks custody of his 1 year old daughter.

In court, the babymama,  Tamika Fuller think it is ridiculous Ludacris is seeking full custody of the child because, afterall, he didn’t want her to have the baby at the first place.

Tamika claimed Luda offered her $10,000 and a house if she got rid of the pregnancy. She added that Ludacris even cried when she told him about the pregnancy.

Ms. Tamika had earlier said Ludacris got married to Eudoxie because he wanted to prove to the court that he had a more stable home for their child.