Asari Dokubo’s Wife Comes For Gen. Danjuma After He Called For The Arrest Of Her Husband


Former Minister of Defence Gen T.Y Danjuma yesterday called for the arrest of Asari Dokubo, Tompolo and other Niger Delta ex-militants for declaring that they would destabilise the country if GEJ does not win next month’s presidential election. Asari’s wife just came for Danjuma on Facebook


  • Obviously the women is insane for running her mouth like this under presidential cover,but it’s a mater of time and time will tell. But the obvious is that they are loosing out fast and that is bitting her harder and there’s nothing she do about it.
    About the oil she’s crying about please,help me ask her if it’s her fathers property.

  • How is it ur business…ur d one dat is stupid..its u people that is loosing out fast…he abi she goat like u…dat like what bhari is doing…he win not win…folish people.

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