Beverly Naya Is Single And Searching


Wow, who ever thought she was single?!?

The very pretty, sexy and talented British-born Nollywood actress, Beverly Naya is indirectly advertising that she’s single.

She shared the photo above of herself and captioned it with “When I find him, I’ll know” .

Now we know what her top priority is this year!!


  1. Her 1st priority should be God..then she wouldn’t be searching for a man..looks has nothing to do with a woman being single..we all have the one who is right…wen the time comes right…until then…don’t pour your heart out to jus anyone..

  2. it depends on the girl’s character. most actress are known to be disrespectful. if she is of a good manners, men are suppose to be running after her, not she searching for one. If she can step to my level I will be happy to marry her. but she knows the calibers of peoples she operate on.

  3. beverly Nana, u are beautiful. I may not know u inwardly. But i believe the kind of man you wish to have may not just be find in a higher level. Most good men are in lower levels just that is hard for higher girls to have low class guys has is often said. But hey, i wish you dear. Its 2015 dear, you will be happy soon but be very careful aswel. Peace!

  4. Na wa ooi..!
    Na by force to speak oyibo language (English)?
    Haba… leave oyibo language for them; speak our ‘simplified pidgin English abeg…
    Make person head no tear jooor..!


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