Buhari Identifies Nigeria’s 3 Fundamental Problems, Discloses How He Will Solve Them

The All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd.) identified Nigeria’s 3 major problems speaking in the course of his January 22 rally in Sokoto.


Before addressing hundreds of party supporters who came yesterday to the venue to meet their candidate, Buhari shared his opinion during the courtesy to the Sultan of Sokoto and president-general, Nigeria Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA), Sa’ad Abubakar III, in his palace.
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The former military Head of State lamented that over 60 million Nigerian youths are believed to be unemployed adding however that his administration will resolve this problem if the APC gets elected in February. Buhari also promised to strengthen agriculture sector in Nigeria.
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The opposition candidate identified the 3 serious problems of the nation: insecurity, economic challenges, corruption.

Buhari was quoted as saying by Leadership:

“There are three fundamental issues that is before us in this country. And these are the question of security, the question of economy and the question of corruption. All other things can be under those three fundamental problems.

“On security, Your Eminence, we asked what we can do to solve the situation. Luckily, we share the same profession with you. And from the experiences, I think we will make sure that the security enforcement agencies, including the military, are once more the pride of Nigeria.

“Unemployment, which is another problem, forms the vicious cycle of security because of bribery and corruption. With the number of youths, it is estimated that over 60 million Nigerian youths are unemployed whether they go to school or not. We have to do something quickly about it.

“The way we can do something about it is to go to farming, Your Eminence. Farming to make sure how much we can put in that line because of mechanization or increased fertilizer distribution and so on – for extension farmers to get the best. And then, like what is happening in Zamfara about the mining of gold and the effect of lead on people and communities is very clear. So that we quickly take a lot of the unemployed youths.
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Dignitaries in the campaign include, Buhari’s running mate, Prof. Osibanjo, Senator Saraki, APC national chairman, John Odigie-Oyegun and other party faithful.”
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It should be recalled that a bomb scare was reported yesterday ahead of the Sokoto rally, following which the venue was changed from the Sokoto State Stadium to the Sokoto Trade Fair complex. The event successfully took place and no alerting happenings were recorded.


  1. The issues are nothing new to nigerian.sorry bt I don’t think GMB has the fore sight to pull Nigeria out of her Poverty,on Security I can only say that if he GMB Values Life,nd loves Nigeria so dearly, he would not wait ontill elected president Before puting an end to it and this leave me with the Question who do BH listen to? Who can stop them? The one who can stop them is the same person for Nigeria’s insurgent predicament. Thank You.

  2. Can u imagine this guy for God sake, even the present government can’t guarantee national security, this is a man who happens to be the GCFR for God sake, as stupid as stupidity itself. Buhari might not be a better candidate and he has no way of stopping them so far he’s not in power, all we just want is change, let jonathan go. Believe me, none of them is different its just bcos nigerians have no other choice, should he fail us like jonathan, I wouldn’t be surprised and if he keeps his promises, that’s a credit to his name and family name cos, both the good and the bad kings have their names in the records and there it shall remain but their deeds shall follow them and their families.

  3. I appreciate the fact that our leaders now see the need to highlight the problems the country is facing and state how they intend to solve the problems.However the solutions to the problems presented in this article is not good enough. Let’s take the case of unemployment, his he suggesting that every unemployed nigerians should go into agriculture not minding their career path? This is the 21st century, let’s be wise and think of better ways to solve our problems. If they make the nigeria business environment conducive for investors to come into nigeria to invest in different business and set a benchmark on the percentage of foriegn staffs against nigerian staffs working in every company I think it will go a long way to solve the unemployment problem. Thanks

  4. all GMB z doing z campaign vote him in and this country wil b ful of ashes of dead pple crucified for their religous believe nd believe me if h wins this country will write it worst history

  5. They say “charity begins at home”. I have not seen a single thing Buhari has done for d north since he left office till date to better d lives of d citizenry in d northern states except d acceptance to stand in for boko haram and negotiate with d fed government. What is now d sign/assurance that he can do better than d man on dat sit now? Everyone in d country is not and should not be a farmer, that u want to all to into farming if elected. U know d best way to fight insurgency bcos u started it. He who knows d beginning of a thing should know d end of it also. I want u Buhari to talk to those who have been attacking President Jonathan’s convoy in some northern states to stop doing so if u really want to be voted in unless u want it to be a do-or-die affair. They are all ur supporters, not Jonathan’s. U went round all southern and eastern states to campaign and u were not harassed by anyone, not even in Bayelsa where d President comes from and yet northerners don’t want to set their eyes on him in any part of d north for his rally. Yet u sit and do nothing about it. That means u are supporting them in style. GOD is watching o!!!

  6. All of you,that has commented had spoken nothing but the truth!!!God bless you all for seeing and saying the truth.Buhari doesn’t have anything to offer us as Nigerian.Forcefully want to turn everybody to farmers.Where on earth does such a thing still work.We are not fools.APC go to hell with your stupid change.Rotimi Amaechi is the biggest fool in the earth has ever. Gotten

  7. Some Nigerians are used to “suffer, suffer for world” so when you offer them freedom, they would rather remain in suffering because that’s all they know. They have come to convince themselves that stealing is normal, no regular supply of electricity is normal, bribery and corruption are normal, going into politics purposely to steal public funds is normal, unemployment is normal, insecurity is normal because that’s what they are used to. When people talk about a change, they go berserk, abusive and issue threats! They have not been out of Nigeria all their lives, so they cannot compare and contrast. Nigeria is all they know. Some politicians know this and exploit it to satisfy their selfish and demonic ambitions. Adolf Hitler once said:”the masses are foolish”. This claim by Adolf Hitler is not far from the truth when a reasonable person analyses the way some Nigerians blindly support an administration that wallows in corruption,ineptitude and utter failure!


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