Buhari Remains The Best Option For Nigeria – Bamidele

opeyemi-bamidele83839830The member representing Ifelodun/Irepodun in the House of Representatives, Hon. Michael Opeyemi Bamidele, has said the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Maj. Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), is the best for Nigeria.

The rep member said his resolve to see a corruption-free Nigeria made him to team up with the progressives to back Buhari.

Speaking with reporters on Sunday, Bamidele, who was a governorship candidate on the platform of Labour Party in the June 21 governorship poll in Ekiti State, said he had yet to join the APC as a member but would do so after the February general elections because the LP fielded candidates for state and National Assembly elections and that he would have to give them support.

He said, “Buhari remains the best option for our country at this present time and that is why we are deploying the Ekiti Bibire coalition political platform for him.

“Buhari had been military governor, minister, and Head of State. He has both civilian and military backgrounds that can help this nation at this critical period.

“We cannot continue to fold our arms and allow a group under the guise of insurgency continues to decimate our people, even when we have a government at the centre.

“Aside this, aligning with APC is like rejoining my political family. We share the same ideology which is deeply founded on progressivism. I am ready to support any cause that would bring Nigeria out of the wood, regardless of wherever I may be in terms of political association”.

It would be recalled that Bamidele, a protégé of former governor of Lagos State and national leader of APC, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, defected to the LP from the defunct Action Congress of Nigeria in September 2013 owing to the decision of the national leadership of the party to give an automatic return ticket to then Governor Kayode Fayemi to contest for re-election.

Meanwhile, the Ekiti Bibiire Coalition of North America and Canada has commended Bamidele for his decision to join hands with progressive Nigerians in support of Buhari-Osinbajo ticket.

“It is always good to see a representative of the people who is not afraid to pursue his conviction and to ally himself with the poor and the marginalised.

“Not only have you demonstrated personal courage and convictions by your willingness to work with politically-minded colleagues and friends, but most importantly you have been able to retain your head while others are losing theirs”, the Secretary-General of the coalition, Bayo Oluwasanmi, said in a statement.


    Nigeria: So tell me about yourself.
    GMB: Well I am 72 years old.
    Nigeria: What else?
    GMB: I hate corruption

    Nja: That’s good, we all do. What else
    GMB: I was once president.

    Nja: great, what did you achieve?
    GMB: I locked people up. I locked corrupt people up. I locked journalists up. I locked students up. I locked the a lot of people up without proper procedure

    Nja: what are your educational qualifications?
    GMB: I left it with my last employer and they said they can’t find it.

    Nja: sorry, what do you mean?
    GMB: Well all my certificates are with them but they said they can’t find it. But it not a big deal because I have been president before.

    Nja: what is your vision for this company?
    GMB: to fight corruption

    Nja: we also want someone that will move Nja forward. Why should we hire you?
    GMB: I want to change Nja and want to lock up corrupt people.

    Nja: Do you believe in team work?
    GMB: it depends. Under military rule, we ruled by fiat. It is faster and easier to get things done that way
    Nja: What other plans do you have for Nigeria?
    GMB: Well I have not thought about that yet. Hire me first.