Choosing A Partner – Avoid Relationship Suicide With These 20 Questions

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1) Are you comfortable with anger?

What do you do when you get angry and how do you express it?
2) Do you have a bodily, felt-sense of your purpose for being alive?

How do you express it and are you pursuing your vision?
3) What kind of emotional healing work have you done with regard to childhood wounds?

What have you done and how have you come to terms with your past?
What is your relationship with your parents and how has that affected your life, and how have you dealt with that?
4) Are you complete with your previous romantic relationships?

5) What is your method and approach for dealing with conflict?

6) What percentage of your need fulfillment do you usually seek from a partner and what percentage do you anticipate you will look for me to fill?

7) What is your interest in our relationship?

a) Do you want to casually date only, or do you want to be in a committed relationship?
b) Are you wanting to be married, and if so, do you want children?
8) Are you passionate about world events and dedicating some of your time to the greater good—for example, being some kind of activist or doing charity work?

9) Do you respect alone time and if so to what extent?

If not, to what extent will you need to be with me?
Will you be comfortable with my needing semi-privacy while am writing and working?
10) What is your relationship with money?

Are you thrifty?
On what do you feel it is worth to spend lavishly?
Do you have significant debts you owe?
11) To what degree are you (honestly now!) honest with yourself and able to be honest with others?

12) What top three qualities do others most appreciate about you?

What top three qualities do others most criticize in you?
13) How do you have fun and what does “fun” mean to you?

14) What values do you hold dearest and how do you express them in your daily life?

15) What are your strengths and how do you employ them in your daily life.

16) What do you consider your shortcomings and what are you doing about them?

17) Do you like being in nature and living a natural lifestyle?

Are you attached to living in the city?
18) How much do you like to have sex, and why?

How do you feel about minimizing sex as a means of intimacy and focusing instead on vulnerable emotional connection and sensuality for affection?
19) What do you consider your greatest successes in life?

What do you consider your greatest failures?
20) How readily are you able to admit your shortcomings and apologize when you fall short of being respectful?

Bonus question!

21) What is your view of compromise in a relationship?

What are you willing to compromise and what are you not willing to?

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