D’Banj Explains How He Was Kicked Out Of Mo’Hits Records By Don Jazzy



D’Banj just delivered a mind blowing and thoughtful interview with Olisa on The Truth.

Recall that D’Banj blamed Dr Sid for the break down of Mo’Hits Records. He finally shed light on what went down.

Here is what D’Banj said in summary.

D’Banj said when Kanye West requested for himself and Don Jazzy to come to the United States, Don Jazzy complained about the cost of living in New York and he is tired of the whole stuff after a couple of weeks. The music producer then demanded he returned to Nigeria and continue facing the music business as they are already big in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

On returning back to Nigeria, Don Jazzy started acting cold to him, D’Banj said. The self acclaimed Koko Master claimed he wasn’t able to figure out the relationship has started to break down because he wasn’t always in Nigeria to put eye on details. Shortly after Don Jazzy requested they end Mo’Hits Records, D’Banj then asked for an extra 6 months, July 2011… Hoping he can convince his business partner.

After 6 month, December 2011, The Don hasn’t changed his mind one bit. The entire record label voted D’Banj out, simply because he was the only one making dough… D’Banj even said his brother would have preferred to stay with Don Jazzy at that time.

On parting ways, Don Jazzy told D’banj he will ask anybody to stop playing his music if he listens to it anywhere.

On his foe, Dr Sid, D’Banj revealed he signed Dr Sid to the record label and every other member of the defunct group. He recalled the leaked audio tape where Dr Sid said D’Banj was stealing the shine of other members of the record label.


“Why don’t they know my name? Because D’Banj’s brand is too *big*… D’Banj’s star is too big, it is overshadowing” said Dr SID in the tape that leaked a long time ago.

On Wande Coal, D’Banj said he was a happy man during the circa of the label claiming even his kid got a share of what the record label made as they ran the company like a family but Dr Sid was not a happy man. At the end of the day, Don Jazzy picked Sid ahead of him.

Another tea, D’Banj said the song SURULERE was made because of him, all the lyrics are sublimina