Denrele Steps Out In Normal Clothing For The First Time In………..


I bet most people never thought they’d see this day in their lifetime. It’s Denrele Edun wearing normal men clothing!!!!

The controversial socialite who is fond of dressing like a fashionable lunatic has shown us a new side.

Denrele stepped out in nice normal men’s clothing for the first time in forever.

He was invited as a guest on Ebonylife‘s “Moment with Mo” and he was forced to drop his weird look for this show.

See more photos below: –




  1. That dude is crazy man.
    I love that nigga, he’s tha best when it comes to dressing and lunatic fashion.
    Happy new year bro, Do ur things ur way!

  2. Nonsense!!! If he likes let him wear buba, or let him wear bra and pant outside, that’s not the change I wanna see this year. The one main tin I wanna hear and see is that this year, there would be no more Ebola in the world and no more terrorist in Nigeria again. So if he likes, let him come out wit rags.. To hell wit him


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