Fani-Kayode Comes For Soludo, Says Ex-CBN Gov Is Confused, Living In The Past

Femi Fani-kayodeThe Peoples Democratic Party Presidential Campaign Organisation has described a former Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Prof. Charles Soludo, as a confused and conflicted being, who had lost touch with reality.

Director of Media and Publicity of the campaign organisation, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, stated this while reacting to Soludo’s recent article, which examined the economic policies of President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration.

Soludo had graded the present administration “F” stressing that its economic policies would not help the country.

But Mr. Fani-Kayode disagreed, saying he read Soludo’s criticism of the economy under the present administration with amusement.

He, however, said he would be gentle with the ex-CBN governor because of the soft spot he claimed he had for him.

Fani-Kayode said, “Soludo has criticised the President, his government and his handling of the economy.

“Meanwhile Nigeria has just won the prestigious award of being designated as the largest economy in Africa and this has happened under the watch of President Jonathan and no-one else.

“Should any right-thinking person, who has the nation’s interest at heart be complaining about that?

“Needless to say my friend and brother Charles Soludo is confused and conflicted. He seems to have lost touch with reality and this is what often happens when you spend too much time with the Buharists”.

He added that Soludo was far too educated, civilised and advanced to be in the opposition because, according to him, the ex-CBN governor belongs to the modern age and not the dark ages.

“I pray that sooner than later, he comes to his senses and he sees the light”, he added.

Fani-Kayode noted that a hundred thousand of the presidential candidate of the opposition All Progressives Congress, Maj.-Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), could not match one Goodluck Jonathan in terms of tolerance, compassion or performance.


  1. It’s sad that whilst the APC is busy spreading, preaching, presenting, talking, broadcasting and publicising their strategic plans for Nigerians to the electorate, PDP is busy ranting! As if ranting will win them the February election. What a shame!

  2. I knew Femi and the PDP will react this way. Typical of them. Dr. Fayemi of the APC responded intelligently to the Soludo challenge. His response is a must-read and typifies the mindset of the APC. But what can we say about the PDP? its all about abuses and castigation. So saddening. What a shame!


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