Fashola Accuses FG Of Diverting SURE-P Funds For Jonathan’s Campaign


Lagos State Governor Babatunde Fashola, yesterday, accused the Federal Government of diverting Subsidy Reinvestment and Empowerment Programme (SURE-P) money, to fund the campaigns of President Gooodluck Jonathan.

Fashola made the allegation at the All Progressives Congress (APC) campaign rally in Badagry area of the state.

“The money they took for Sure-P is in Sure Pocket, that’s what Sure-P means. It has nothing to do with the people,” he claimed.

Speaking further, Fashola accused the government of setting its priorities wrongly, saying that at a time they ought to have been committed to serving the people. “They were busy doing TAN rallies. They started the campaign one year ago , they were doing Transformation Ambassadors of Nigeria (TAN) rallies instead of serving you.

“They were spending Sure-P money in TAN. If they had used that money to build health centres, highways and prosper your life, the story will be different,’’ Fashola said.

“The person that is campaigning one year ago is now saying no, let us postpone the elections. The game has changed. He has to defend his record. There is no longer sympathy votes. Six years ago, he had no shoes, he has shoes now and we see what he has done with the shoes. He has forgotten the people who voted for him.”

Fashola explained that all over the world, when cities and states build municipal rails the Federal Government support them. “It is only in Nigeria that the Jonathan led government failed to support states that embarked on rail projects,” he stated.


  1. Abeg make una no play with sure-p money I take God beg una bcos I don dey undergo training there since last year.them dey give us hope say job go soon start…and I escape being stampede at abuja stadium last during immigration exams.make una help me abeg

  2. Fashola are u not corrupt… Remember dat wen u’r pointin a finger at sumone d othr four are pointin at u. If u want to remove sumtin frm sumone’s eye first removed urs so dat u can see clearly. Is only God dat can change Nigeria no man/woman wit his natural strength can do dat. Isah45:1-3. The govts at all levels are corupt. U guys shld repent for d judgement day is coming soon.

  3. dose who are saying only god can save niga are d same black wolf dat are spoilin dis country. gudlok jonatan has d mentality of isaw in d bible (senseless, careless,weak and ful of compromise etc among others negative atitude ).any one supot jonathan is supotin his stomarch or d person has no conscience. long live nigeria!!!