Fayose will not like this! See the crowd that came out in Ekiti for Buhari

Here are some pictures from the crowd filled stadium today during APCs Presidential rally in Ekiti state. Governor Ayo Fayose will not like this at all…hehe. I’m not supporting anybody, just amused by it all. More pics below…


  1. I’m not a party loyalist neither do I support a candidate. But what I can see is that Jonathan is akin to scriptural king Saul. When he was busy fighting King David using all the available physical power at his disposal, unknown to him, God has annoited king David in the spiritual realm.prophet Samuel merely went to Jesse’s family to confirm it. The frank seems to be that the spirit of the Almighty God has deserted president Goodluck since and now with Buhari. I hope Adeboye blessed him(GEJ) in 2011 election and he won as easy as A B C. The same pastor Adeboye advice him to only sponsor a candidate in his party which he refused. Now ,Adebayo has given the blessing to his spiritual son who is the APC v.p to Buhari hence victory goes to APC. Haba Jonathan! From fisherman and shoeless, God made you a deputy gov.,gov,vice president and the president by his grace for 6 good years. I don’t know what Jonathan is looking for that he was so blinded by the cabals around him that stop him from heeding advice from million pastors including the one that annoited him. Every page of the newspapers is all about God says, don’t re contrst,but never! Anyway, i wish both GEJ and GMB the best.