FG Committed To Free And Fair Election – Jonathan


President Goodluck Jonathan, yesterday, in a meeting with US Secretary of State, John Kerry, reiterated the government’s commitment to ensuring the February elections is free and fair.

He assured that the government would give the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) all the support it requires to conduct a free and fair election.

“I emphasised to Secretary Kerry that I am deeply committed to ensuring that our forthcoming election is free, fair, and credible.

“It is especially critical that all political parties abide by the Abuja Accord, which commits each to non-violence before, during, and after the election.

“I made it absolutely clear that the May 29 handover date is sacrosanct. In addition, the government will provide all resources required by INEC to ensure that the election goes smoothly,” Jonathan added.

The president observed that Nigeria was a vibrant democracy and the largest trading partner of the United States in Africa, with more than $18 billion in bilateral trade.

“This is why we are together engaged in a struggle against a common enemy that promotes terror, fear, division, and violates human rights, most especially of women and girls, with complete impunity. Winning the fight against Boko Haram in Nigeria and West Africa is absolutely essential to beat back the tide of religious extremism around the world.

“Our security forces have been working tirelessly and courageously to achieve this goal. I reaffirmed for Secretary Kerry that Nigeria is strongly committed to building the multinational task force to fight Boko Haram in partnership with Cameroon, Chad, Niger and Benin Republic, under the auspices of the Lake Chad Basin Commission.

“Indeed, I called publicly for such a regional approach at the African leaders summit in Paris in May 2014 and more recently in multilateral meetings.

“We are pleased that the international community is now strongly united behind this initiative and agree that its success is critical.

“The United States, more than any other country in the world, has the most experience fighting armed insurgencies. And having suffered the devastating attacks of 9/11, its people also understand the insecurity and fear that is the reality for the vast majority of peaceful, tolerant Muslims and Christians in North Eastern Nigeria.

“This is why I firmly believe that enhancing and expanding various channels of cooperation between our two countries, in the context of growing international coordination, are of the utmost importance. I discussed a number of ideas with Secretary Kerry to move such cooperation forward.

“We are grateful to the United States for standing with Nigeria and its people in our fight against Boko Haram. I reaffirmed our strong commitment to working together with the United States to put an end to global terrorism and particularly Boko Haram. Nigeria will also work to deepen and consolidate our bilateral relationship with the United States,” Jonathan said.


  1. GEJ/JEGA can’t be trusted to keep to his words, he has never and will never do that now. Nigerians shine your eyes and do the needful by voting a future truly assured not one full of religious, ethnic, regional or sectional sentiments.


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