French Forces Kill Newspaper Attack Suspects, Hostages Die In Second Siege

Shooting in Paris

The two brothers wanted for a bloody attack on the offices of French satirical newspaper, Charlie Hebdo were killed on Friday when anti-terrorist police besieged their hideout, while a second siege ended with the deaths of four hostages. Reuters report:

The violent end to the simultaneous stand-offs northeast of Paris and at a Jewish supermarket in the capital followed a police operation of unprecedented scale as France tackled one of the worst threats to its internal security in decades.

With one of the gunmen saying shortly before his death that he was funded by al Qaeda, President Francois Hollande warned that the danger to France – home to the European Union’s biggest communities of both Muslims and Jews – was not over yet.

“These madmen, fanatics, have nothing to do with the Muslim religion,” Hollande said in a televised address. “France has not seen the end of the threats it faces.”

An audio recording posted on YouTube attributed to a leader of the Yemeni branch of al Qaeda (AQAP) said the attack in Francewas prompted by insults to prophets but stopped short of claiming responsibility for the assault on the offices of Charlie Hebdo.

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