French Police Conduct House To House Search In Hunt For Paris Killers

French special intervention police conduct a house-to-house search in Longpont, northeast of Paris

Masked and armed anti-terrorism police swooped and combed woodland villages northeast of Paris on Thursday in a manhunt for the two brothers suspected of being the Islamist gunmen who killed 12 people at a French satirical weekly. Reuters report:

A day after the Paris attack, officers carried out house-to-house searches in the village of Corcy, a few km (miles) from a service station where police sources said the brothers were sighted in ski masks. Helicopters flew overhead.

The fugitive suspects are French-born sons of Algerian-born parents, both in their early 30s, and already under police surveillance. One was jailed for 18 months for trying to travel toIraq a decade ago to fight as part of an Islamist cell. Police said they were “armed and dangerous”.

United States and European sources close to the investigation said on Thursday that one of the brothers, Said Kouachi, was inYemen in 2011 for a number of months training with Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), one of the group’s most active affiliates.

A Yemeni official familiar with the matter said the Yemengovernment was aware of the possibility of a connection between Said Kouachi and AQAP, and was looking into any possible links.