If Need Be, Buhari Will Lead Military To Fight Boko Haram If Elected – Osinbajo

Yemi OsinbajoThe Vice Presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Yemi Osibanjo, says his party will hold public office holders to account for their stewardship if voted to lead the federal government.

Mr. Osibanjo said this during a town hall meeting with “ActNow” an NGO, in Abuja on Monday.

According to Mr. Osibanjo, there will be severe consequences against those who engage in looting public treasury.

“We will stamp out corruption; there will be severe consequences for those engaged in looting public treasury.

“The APC will run a transparent government where public officials will be accountable to the people”, he said.

Mr. Osibanjo said creating jobs remain a core agenda of the party, adding that “the APC will care for the country’s teeming youths from different directions.

“Jobs and creation of employment opportunities have been major issues in the manifesto of the APC.

“Our government will place jobless and poor Nigerians on monthly stipends of N5,000 and N7,000 respectively.

“The idea is to take 2.5 million people out of poverty every year”, he said.

On the promise of free healthcare for children, Mr. Osibanjo said “we will follow the example of Osun state where such has been done successfully”.

On the country’s security challenge, Mr. Osibanjo said “Buhari will lead the military to the North-East himself to fight the insurgents.

“There will also be a consistent increase in the funding of the military by APC”, Mr. Osibanjo said.



  1. Beware Pastor O, this extremist will use and dump you just like Past. Tunde Bakare. If he is lying about his mere waec of 1961, then be sure that if we dig just a little deeper, a whole lot of can of worms will be unravalled.

  2. That Is why Pastor didnt DO polotic, Since Osinbäjo Join Tinubu cancous He bcame good TO Bad. Y Should osinbanjo will BE telling fabricated lie TO d Public Bcus u Wont TO bcome VP. And Must u deceived pple By telling Them Wot We all Know u cannt DO? Is It possible For Buhari TO lead Soilder By fighting Boko Haram? Osinbanjo Know DAt Buhari Is d president of Fulani’s wen Dey started killing Innocent Christain in Jos.Wot Is He DO TO stop Them? When Buhari Is hn good condition in 1983-1985 Wot Is He DO TO fight corruption? OK….. Now DAt Buhari Is sick and had cancer will Not lead our Military TO fight Boko Haram. Osinbanjo Is like Judas DAt Shows Jesus TO d presist, and chief of d Jaw.Bcus of Wot He want TO eat and lost enternity.osinbanjo U’re Now corrupt. Buhari want TO fight curruption wen He bcom president and He Use corruption TO Start his journey. Forging WAESC .