Infrastructure Decay In S/East: Igbos Not Benefitting From Loyalty To PDP, Says Oyegun

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Odigie-Oyegun1The National Chairman of All Progressives Congress, APC, Chief John Odigie-Oyegun, has after taking a careful review of infrastructure in the South-East, come to the conclusion that Igbos have not benefited from the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP-led Federal Government despite their avowed loyalty to the party.

He, therefore, expressed optimism that the South-East people will look at their environment very seriously and vote against PDP in the forthcoming elections, for taking them for granted.

Oyegun, who said that the APC had made tremendous progress in the area due to the laudable performance of Governor Rochas Okorocha in office in Imo State, regretted that the people of the South-East have suffered inhuman treatment following the infrastructural decay in the area occasioned by years of neglect by successive PDP-led administrations.

He said: “May be few leaders of the zone are benefiting but it is obvious that the people are suffering.

“The South East case is a bit peculiar because they have always been part of the federal system, that is their history, whatever excuses people may give. But we are beginning to tell them that that kind of unending loyalty makes them lose respect, as they are being taken for granted. They are not getting anything from the Federal Government. May be few of their leaders are, but most of the people are not.

“The Onitsha to Enugu Road connecting the whole of the South East is almost impassable. Take the Port Harcourt axis too. The only motorable road there is from Onitsha to Owerri. So, what are the people getting? The Niger Bridge has been launched three times. It has been awarded many times. I don’t know if the first load of sand has got there yet, to start building the foundation. So, what are the people getting for this loyalty?

“We are bringing this to their attention. We are beginning to get positive vibes. Of course, the crisis bedeviling the PDP in that area, we are capitalizing immensely on that. God is working for the Igbos, so we expect the results to be better now than before. The South East is not benefiting from this blind unyielding loyalty”.

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  1. Who is oyegun to speak for southeast. Let him go and sleep. Who even imposed him to APC. We benefited more from JONATHAN. You can sway the southeast by this cheap sentiments if yours.

  2. It’s annoying that once you are not from Yoruba and you are from the South of Nigeria you are automatically classified as an Igbo! I am an Urhobo and very proud of the Urhobo nation. By the way, we have Ijaw, Kwale, Itshekiri, Isoko, Edo, Ishan, etc tribes in the south too. They are not Igbo. The autonomy of these tribes should be respected. I have been with people from the North and West of Nigeria who do not know that apart from Igbo and Yoruba, there are other tribes in the South. These people need educating about their neighbours!The classification needs to stop. Igbo man be Igbo man and Urhobo man be Urhobo man o. The Urhobo man is not prepared to loose his identity o. Olorun ma je!

  3. Who made Oyegun the mouth piece of the Ibos? What has Edo benefited from Nigerian government since 1960? All this years, it was the hause/fulani that was in charge, yet Benin city and it’s environs remained a jungle.Oyegun should go to the north to witness the infrastructural development
    there, it’s possible through the one sided infrastructural approach of the Hausa/fulanis which his boss “BUHARI” is part of it.


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