APC – Jonathan Not Capable Of Ending Boko Haram Insurgency, Corruption


The All Progressives Congress (APC) says President Goodluck Jonathan lacks the capacity to tackle the challenges facing the country. He has not been able to do anything in six years, even if given more years, nothing would change, the party claimed.

”The President has finally admitted that the two main challenges facing the country are corruption and insecurity, and seems to be telling Nigerians to give him more time to tackle the problems. But the truth is that he lacks the capacity to fight and defeat these challenges, whether in six or 10 years,” the party said in a statement by its National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed.

”A President who has spent the last six years trying to diagnose the main problems facing the country will apparently need another four years to plan how to tackle the challenges. By then, all of us would have been buried under the rubble of corruption and our country would have been decimated by insecurity. It is therefore time for Nigerians to vote in a President who will hit the ground running, a President who will tackle the problems of corruption and insecurity headlong, without giving excuses for failure,” it said.

The opposition slammed the Jonathan administration as corrupt, noting that a corrupt government can never fight corruption.

”Mr. President said he wants to put in place the institutions to tackle corruption before taking on the canker worm that has almost destroyed the fabric of our society. Pray, whatever happened to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC)? Were they not institutions specifically created for the purpose of tackling corruption, but which the Jonathan Administration chose to castrate?

”There is no better way to say this: President Jonathan lacks the political will to tackle corruption, and he will not tackle it if he spends 60 years in office,” the statement read.

The APC also criticized the way Jonathan has handled Boko Haram insurgency. According to the party, the president missed the chance to nip the menace in the bud when it just started, as he was busy blaming everyone.

”Had the President learnt a lesson or two from the crushing defeat of the Maitatsine sect by Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, which signalled the death knell of the sect that is a precursor of Boko Haram, the insurgency that is daily claiming the lives of our citizens would have been defeated early on.

”It is too late in the day for President Jonathan to engage in sophistry over the twin evil of corruption and insecurity. He has reached the limit of his capacity to tackle these challenges and it is time to allow those with necessary political will and capacity to take on the challenges before they crush the country,” the party said.


  1. I googled The Redeemed Christian Church of God website to check out the prayer points for the 40 days fasting and prayer. I saw a site The RCCG Information and on opening I was shocked to see that it was an APC political campaign site. I saw Buhari ‘s picture and Buhari new year message. I want to appeal to the Church leadership not to allow this type of things in RCCG website.

    I also want to seize this opportunity to remind us of the message and information sent by God to us through a former pastor of Redeem. The CD had circulated around and I believe the administrators of this site is aware of that CD and that is the type of information that I expect to be on your site not politics.

    Information on Buhari is promoted while the one on Jonathan is cast down.

    As Christians, we should not allow ourselves to be deceived. How can you promote Buhari when the Almighty God had Spoken. Have we taken time to pray and ask God who does he need at this time to rule Nigeria.
    Have we allowed the enemy to show us the whole heave and the earth, saying I will give them to you if only you will bow down before me. Jesus refused to bow. Shedrack, Meshak and Abednego refused to bow. Why should we bow to the enemy ploy by the fact that A Redeem Pastor was nominated by Buhari as his running mate. I repeat don’t be deceived.

    Apc is an Islamic party by all intention. otherwise, why was it that when a CD started circulating and the Man of God gave us information on the components of the party that they started making changes. They brought Oyegun as chairman and so on. That was an afterthought. Medicine after death. Again, the original intention of the party was to present a Muslim- Muslim ticket. Tinubu made it clear that He gave up his position to the Redeem Pastor for National interest. Yet we can not read the handwriting on the wall. We are carried away that Redeem pastor is Vice. Please all Born again Christians should go and pray and ask God to give us a leader after his heart and let us not be driven by deceitful ploys to drag RCCG into political divide and sentiment.

    From my personal perspective and understanding, having lived in the north for 15 years, all that glitters are not gold. Buhari is the president of Fulani association of West Africa. His people has been killing Christians in the North under different guise and he has done nothing about it or even instruct them to stop and we are busy leaving his picture in deceitful suite on RCCG information website. please my brothers and sisters, let us be careful. God had waarned us ahead and told us to evangelise and disciple people. please my Redeemites go and pray and seek the mind of God for 2015. Remove the wool and covering your eyes. Let God be glorified.
    It is only God that can bring security and not Buhari. A word is enough for the wise. God bless you.


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