Jonathan Vows To Defend Nigeria’s Unity If Re-elected

Goodluck Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan said one his priorities if re-elected on February 14 is to keep Nigeria together as one, despite the security challenges facing the country.

Jonathan, who spoke at the Rwang Pam Township stadium in Jos during a campaign rally, Monday, therefore appealed to the people of Plateau State to vote the PDP in all the elections as the state was the home of PDP and its people.

“I thank Plateau people for their commitment to ensure that PDP remains in power. Plateau is the home of PDP and PDP is the only party that is democratic and ensures that no one is intimidated,” he said.

“I signed the FOI bill to ensure freedom of speech, I will work hard to ensure freedom and peace in the country as keeping Nigeria one is a task all of us must undertake,” he said.

He also promised to end violence in the state and revive the agricultural sector, saying “If you give us your mandates in the next four years, I assure you that we will perform better.”

State Governor, Jonah Jang, who spoke earlier, reiterated the need to continue in the infrastructural development of the state and urged all to support the party’s candidates in the general elections.

Gyang Pwajok, the governorship candidate of the PDP in the forthcoming election also thanked the people for the opportunity to serve. He noted that the younger generation was ready to take the state higher in the next dispensation.


  1. U hv failed Nigeria and the youth,is only ur tenur u remove subsidy removal,is only ur time we knw dat der is set of people da called boko Haram killing of people but u dnt care, no employment for the youth,u promise to repair refinery from the money u earn from subsidy removal but u lie,all d promise u made u lie,u make people staving but dnt care,u dnt hv any gud record so re-electin you is just like Nigeria is committing suicide,which we dnt want it to happn,is nt our fault d fault is yours,is nt matte of religion we want change who ever dat is ready to change Nigeria better we follow dat person.

  2. look at GEJ, can I hear u said no one is intimated?
    PDP is occultic party.a beg ur way is not pure. people are just using u to kill this nation and by God grace u can’t disorganize Nigeria bcuz I don’t think u were among of the people that fought for the benefits and independent of this nation. so therefore u GEJ and ur corrupted people can’t disorganize us. u are not even qualify to be ur community leader not to talk of president bcuz ur image is there but others are ruling this nation.u are just camouflage as a president u don’t have sense of leading people.

  3. 1] Goodluck Jonathan signed FOI
    bill that obasanjo refused to sign and you join then in saying that
    Goodluck is bad.
    What’s the need of FOI afterall ??
    2] Goodluck approved N18,000 Minimum wage from N7,500 Which Obasanjo refused to sign and you say that Goodluck is
    and NYSC allowance from N7,500 to #19800 and nearly approved N39,500, yet they say he is bad. Is the increment that
    3] Goodluck dualized federal roads (about 25,000km) which obasanjo and past Govts abandoned and you say Goodluck is
    Why dualizing when we can comfortably use flights and boats??
    4] The rail system is working now, with little budget But obasanjo Sunk billions of dollars without result, other pasts leader
    ignored and you say that Goodluck is bad.
    Railway?? What for ??
    5] Goodluck has been conducting free and fair elections whereas the ones conducted under obasanjo are Shameful and
    national disgrace yet you say Goodluck is bad.
    But why ??
    6] Goodluck established 12 new universities, 9 in the North to improve learning and knowledge
    and increase the educational accessibility rate, yet you say that Goodluck is bad.
    Is western education important??
    7] Goodluck established the Almajiri system for Northern abandoned street children and those deprived of education by their
    own people and you say Goodluck is bad.
    Whats the important of educating them ??
    8] Goodluck has been building dams and improving the country’s power from 2500mW to 6,000MW – And successfully
    privatized the sector which many analyst believed is the best
    way to go and you joined them say that Goodluck is bad.
    I think we are okay with kerosene lantern.
    9] Agriculture have been revamped and for the first time in Nigerian history, Food prices came down during Christmas,
    instead of skyrocketing and you say that he is a bad President.
    10] 2013 and 2014 was the Christmas in Nigeria, where Nigerian did not sleep in filling stations for 3 to 4days to get Petrol
    or 100s of people being roasted alive in attempts to get fuel in petrol stations, wickedly, you joined them to say that our God
    given President is not performing.
    Is it not big men that buys fuel ??