Lagos Mob Beats 61-Year-Old Gay Suspect To Stupour


A 61-year-old man identified simply as Salisu who is suspected to be gay, escaped death in Apapa area of Lagos State, when an angry mob descended on him. Laila reports:

The man was said to have offered a 13-year-old boy N500 near Anjorin market about 6pm on Sunday. He allegedly started to rub the boy’s private part when two men caught him.

It was alleged by eye witnesses that the gay was rubbing the boy’s private part beside Anjorin market when two men saw him and raised an alarm. Other men around joined and gave him the beating of his life. The man said it was the devil that pushed him into the act. He claimed that was the first time he would attempt such.

The boy said he offered him N500 and begged him not to talk because he would like it. Some people came and pleaded on his behalf and he was allowed to go. People wanted to hand him over to the police but later withdrew as he was badly injured and had lost a lot of blood.



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