Meet New Year’s Baby Who Shares Birthday With Both Parents

As the New Year begins, we in the news business always love to show you that fortunate first baby born in the New Year.

But this story is not all about that first baby born. It’s about a trifecta of birthdays.

Autumn Rain Stover was born early Thursday morning at the University Hospitals MacDonald Women’s Hospital.

While she is a blessing, she came about 10 days early.

That was not a problem, her coming into this world early.

The “problem” will be once birthday parties will have to be planned.

That’s because she was born on the same day as both her mother and her father.

Yes, Qiana and Raheem share the same birthday as their newborn daughter — Jan. 1.

They know they’re blessed, but they cannot believe the odds that, in their family, they all have the same birthday.

The name Autumn comes from their favorite season, a time that is usually overlooked for its beauty.

But make no mistake, this time and this child will never be overlooked.

The Stovers do not know the odds of what they have here, but they don’t really care.

They are fortunate that they have each other and their health.

One good thing for Raheem is that he cannot and will not ever forget his wife or daughter’s birthdays –or even his own.

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