Must Read – That Awkward Moment When Someone Flirts With Your Spouse

Why-You-Shouldnt-Envy-Other-Couples-635x400We have natural responses that come with someone flirting with our spouse, and they usually aren’t as compassionate. If we aren’t careful, this type of flirting can cause serious challenges between us and our spouse. When we find ourselves wondering exactly what course of action to take in moments like this, and before we go “all hell-to-the-naw” here are some suggestions. new balance zip
1. Communicate your initial concerns with your spouse. No matter how silly they may seem, we want our spouse on alert so they can properly handle the situation.

2. Don’t be so quick to accuse your spouse of anything. Just because someone flirts with our spouse it doesn’t mean they are flirting back. Conversations don’t typically go as well when we start them off in an accusatory tone.

3. Don’t shut down or mistreat your spouse if they haven’t done anything wrong.

4. Don’t be too surprised. The same thing that attracted you is also attractive to others. Who wouldn’t want a handsome or beautiful good man or woman.

5. Use it as a reminder to give life to your marriage. When we relax in our relationships, it gives others the opportunity to creep in and do the things we’ve neglected.

6. Don’t pull off the earrings and put on the boxing gloves just yet. It’s natural to want to defend our position, but violence serves no one and can cause very serious repercussions. We must handle grown up difficulties like grown ups. If your spouse is having a challenge communicating why the behavior is inappropriate to the offender, help him/her out in a mature, non-confrontational way. Handling the situation in the way mentioned above is ideal, not always easy, but definitely ideal. Otherwise help your spouse put the correct words together to carefully deal with it.

7. Trust your partner. The worst thing we can do is feed into the flirting, allowing it to alter our relationship.

It can be really difficult to deal with someone else’s attraction to our partner. How we choose to react will have either a negative or positive impact on our marriage. If you’re aiming for the positive, the steps above will definitely serve you well.



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