My New Year Wish For Mr. President


Ogundana Michael Rotimi

Fellow compatriots, welcome to 2015. Allow me to say, this year promises to be great. Its a year full of hopes and fulfillment of aspirations. A year we`ve all waited for to drive changes in our political platforms and setups, to correct our wrongs and redefine our choices.
Also, it is a season of good wishes to all. Season of affections and peacemaking, above all it`s a season of giving. Giving to those we love, and also to those we do not necessarily love.
Hence, it is in line with the reason for the season, that I hereby send my humble greetings to all and sundry, most especially to our dear President; Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan. Happy new year to all!
On the first day of the new year, while I was calling and sending my new year wishes to my family and friends, it came to a point that the thought of Mr. President struck my heart and I really wished I could reach him on his mobile, and personally send him my new year greeting and wishes. While I was thinking about that, I remembered that alternatively I could also dedicate my first piece of the year to congratulate him and pass my wishes across to him.
No doubt, I might have been perceived as a strong critic of President Jonathan and some may have probably concluded that I`m a member of the opposition party or probably being sponsored by them. Others may have thought that am just an enemy of Mr. President and I just do not wish him well. But the truth is, I`m not Anti-Jonathan rather am Pro- good government.
I could not have hated President Jonathan that much and campaigned for him during the 2011 election when he first contested for presidency. I, in my own way did my neighbour to neighbour campaign for him. Of course, he never knew someone was anywhere/somewhere doing that on his behalf. But because we all felt he was the Messiah we were waiting for, we went on the street and rally supports for him
Out of great passion for change I voted for him and could not wait to see him sworn in as the President. But it`s a pity that the president has not lived up to expectations, and it would not be wrong to ask for change. We wanted change in the first place that was why we voted him in, and since we could not get the change we desire, it would not also be too inappropriate to ask for another change.
Nigerians have lived on hopes and aspirations since amalgamation. A lot have died hoping and expecting changes in all sectors of our societies and many are still dying hoping and expecting, all in the name of believing that one day, all would be well. However, as it stands now, the people have waited too long and have hoped endlessly. The people can no longer hope endlessly; they can no longer tolerate mediocrities and accept unnecessary excuses for failures of governance.
I just want Mr. President to sit down and think about this; he himself has mentioned before that he is the most criticized President Nigeria ever had but has he really asked himself why he is the most criticized? I doubt! The truth is, if President Jonathan has done so well, the people wouldn’t have gone against him. Even if the oppositions are against him and are continually criticizing him, he would still be enjoying the support of the people that brought him to office. He can’t just have such huge critics out of hatred and the opposition wouldn’t have paid all to criticize him. Something must have totally gone wrong somewhere.
The fact is, the people expected so much from him and when they could not get it, they resulted into criticism.
In my quest, to know why the president could not deliver on his promises and bring smiles to the faces of the people, I find out that; the challenges facing the country are too numerous and cumbersome for a gentleman President Jonathan. He is a gentleman but do not possess the agility to solve the many Nigerian problems. And after much consideration and careful thought of how gigantic the Nigerian challenges are and how big the country is, I came to the conclusion that the burdens of the country are too much for a gentleman President like him. He might probably have performed better in a less lofty position; let`s say a Local Government Chairman.
It was after realizing this that I wish that these burdens are taken away from his shoulder so that he may have some good relief. I love him and want him to survive. Those wanting the president to continue carrying these huge burdens of a largely populated nation are the President’s enemies and do not wish him well. They are selfish, self centered and wicked, and their mission is murder. Mr. President is not Jesus and cannot continue to bear the many burdens of this nation.
Also, I wish that come May 29, 2015, that Mr. President would return back to his home town in Otueke, Bayelsa State and get some good rest which he so much deserves.
I have resorted to using this medium to send Mr. President my new year greetings and wishes because the more convenient means which is, placing several advertorials in the media—print and electronic, as many contractors do, is beyond my reach.
I hope that Mr. President will appreciate my humble channel of greeting and expression of best wishes for him, perhaps more than the method often adopted by those federal government contractors, and corporate organizations. For as for me, a writer, silver and gold have I none, but from a sincere heart, I say, do accept my best wishes and happy new year sir.
God Bless Nigeria


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