National Channel Tried To Falsify Online Poll For Jonathan?

Africa Independent Television (AIT) supposedly try to falsify online poll for February 14 election, in which All Progressive Congress (APC) presidential candidate Muhammadu Buhari overtook incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan.

Despite of showing controversial documentary by AIT against APC candidate, Nigerians in pole gave their votes for Mr.Buhari.

SaharaReporters earlier on Tuesday, January 27th, published a screen shot of the opinion poll, which at that time showed Buhari’s result was over 76%.

At the end of the day, the poll show Buhari’s lead growth to 79%. The poll was reportedly then fleetly put down, because of the channel substitute the page with a assertion that the page was “under maintenance.”


The case was evocative of a related incident which happened last year by President’s social media aide, Reno Omokri.  In an attempt to give a defense to a SaharaReporters poll displaying Jonathan being overcome by APC candidate, Omokri influenced a poll he had set up, and then hurriedly took it down with Jonathan in the lead of General by 1%.

The TV station didn’t say whether its page would come back after its ‘maintenance’, but some users had noticed earlier that the AIT was letting double voting for Jonathan.

That was later corrected, a fact that was also noted by users, following which Buhari again regained the lead.  AIT then suddenly went into ‘maintenance’.

AIT recently aired controversial documentary, which showed the ugliest sides of the military regime of General Buhari.

APC candidate in his reaction responded he had nothing to say about this, because the country has difficult time.



  1. The incumbent president is exercising all within his power to oppress GMB. I watched the documentary and I feel sorry for our nation. I think one of the things NBC ought to regulate is the use of abusive words against the opposition. Each candidate should tell us the plans they have for us and not confuse us with baseless words.


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