Nigerian Military Condemns CNN’s ‘Satanic’ Interview With Nigerian Soldiers


CNN aired an interview a few hours ago with people they claim are Nigerian soldiers who told them that Nigerian soldiers are buying their own kits and when they get injured in the line of duty, they cater for their own medical bills. The Nigerian military has condemned the interview.. they even said Satanic CNN report.


  1. Nigerian forces authorities should start doing the right thing than fighting the truth. We must all know that we all must account for every of our dids on earth. The statement of the officer still remain the truth even in the Nigeria police force. We must retrace or steps to be more responsible and authorities. Nigeria police case today in Nigeria has remain the worst all over the world. If an interview is at any chance is granted to any of the personels, denial with follow. Why not start doing the right thing. These people are Nigerians and not bought slaves, they have rights to be paid well in their own country please. How can one be serving in a job of this nature and can not be able to feed his family or live a better life.


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