Nigerians Curse Vicious Villain Who ‘Resurrected’ Muna Obiekwe

On January 18, 2015, popular and controversial Nollywood actor ,Muna Obiekwe passed away in a hospital in Festac, Lagos. nike air max 1 premium
After his death was confirmed by many media sources, the most interesting part of the story had happened. A person who used the actor’s name in a Twitter account has been parading himself as being alive.


Dozens of people were confused on where the truth was. Controversies lasted for nearly half of the day. Most informed fans were calling the unknown prankster names and were calling him out. They further demanded he stopped his awful jokes because the actor was actually dead. An actor Nonso Diobi, whose account is also not verified, even started a minor Twitter fight with the person who pretended to be Muna. Just look what happened next:








A lot of Nigerian celebrities were saddened to hear about his passing: Kenneth Okolie, Bethel Njoku (Senator), a comedian, Micah Aruochaa, comedian and On-Air Personality, an actor Daniel Lloyd and many others . We all hope and pray that all his family, friends and loved ones will have strength during this time of loss.

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