Northern Group Tells Buhari To Present His Certificate Or Forfeit Election


A group called Northern Youth Forum (NYF) has challenged the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari, to produce his certificates to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) for proper electoral contest. According to the group, failure to do this would automatically put the supporters of the formal head of state to shame.

The group dismissed Buhari’s statement that the original copies of his certificates were in the custody of the military authorities, reminding him that such a claim was not enough to fulfill the constitutional requirement.

“General Buhari should do what is required of him by presenting his certificates to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) as other presidential candidates have done, instead of hiding behind the fig leaf of constitutionalism,” said Bello Gambo Bichi, National President of the group, in a statement released in Kano.

He notes however that it is true that the relevant section 131(d) of the constitution of the federal Republic of Nigeria does not require Buhari to physically present his certificates but to only show that he “has been educated up to at least secondary level or its equivalent. Tt is also clear that the “spirit of that provision demands that he should present certified true copies of his original certificates because that is the only way that INEC will determine that he has been educated up to secondary school level.

“Clearly, Buhari contested the 2011 and two previous elections without presenting his certificates to INEC.

“This time around INEC, civil society organisations and the international community should mount pressure on Buhari to comply with this simple demand, by retrieving his certificates from the Army authorities and submitting them to the electoral commission, otherwise he should not be allowed to contest the 2015 election,” the NYF said.


  1. Where is dt nonsense group originated from? What Youth in d North are U leading? We are very optimistic dt, U(bello) or whatever your name n co. Are those plotting bomb in Kano city n other part of nation killing innocent lifes with your useless boss Ebele. Let us tell u now dt, even doe GMB present his water bill, we are voting Him not ur clueless n heartless wild GEJ. No retreat No surrender GMB fr Life !!!!

  2. Ib, just see yourself as a brother to a monkey. in your community, water bill is your certificate. tissue papers could be your money. We don’t want the like of you with water bill as certificates as leaders. I am sorry ok?

  3. Ib ur judt a compound fool, why will u come to contest for office of president while ur not educated or do u think that the pple u will rule are immitrates like that so-called buhari.I swear he must fail and will never smell that seat no mata wht.he thinks we don’t kw that he is the cause of bokoharam.his statement in 2011 made it clear even ti ants that if he loose he will make nigeria short a man of that age suppose to not rule fresh bloods.buhari ur a failure

  4. all we know is that shekarau in contract in 2011 Buhari want to contest under ANPP PDP give shekarau contract not allow Buhari to contest under ANPP and now you come change your name to bello bucci gambo to bring confusion to north is let if buhari present nepa bill can vote for him we have tired of rotational regime .

  5. When I saw the video of fr. Mbaka on his new year message castigating the president of the federal republic of Nigeria, I thought it was doctored by my yahoozee brothers but on a second look I realized it was real. The Rev. Father actually said those words and he even issued a statement confirming it a few days later.
    Now, what could have triggered such an action from such a respectable man of God?
    My only conclusion is that its a manifestation of the end times. “Many shall come in my name and shall mislead so many saints even the very elect” is the only thing to say in this case.
    If anyone in his right frame of mind could come out openly to support Buhari for president in this dispensation then, we Nigerians need serious prayers.
    What has he got to offer us as a nation in his dieing days?
    Can’t Nigeria at 54 boast of a young man less than that age to rule or lead her?
    If the north so need power as badly as they have proven in the last 3 years, why didn’t they choose more vibrant & younger men like Tambuwal, Ribadu, El Rufai etc to run against the incumbent president?
    Why make a wrong choice of candidate and then resort to cheap blackmails and back biting to cover their lapses?
    Does it mean that as a nation we’re retrogressive rather than progressive?
    When will my time come as the “leaders of tomorrow” that I was taught to believe in during my primary school days (when Buhari was military head of states) if Buhari is still aspiring to come back as the president of Nigeria 30 years later?
    What can Buhari do now that I can’t do even better as Mr. President?
    Let’s keep politics aside, the man has nothing to offer this country anymore and so should retire to his country home and wait out his days while the young men (less than 54 years of age) tackle the problems of this great nation and seek for viable solutions instead of vindictive governance.
    If anyone tries to convince me about casting my vote for Buhari, then it all means that “the labours of our heros past” has been in vain because they couldn’t raise a successor to reign after them.
    Obasanjo should be ashamed of himself for supporting Buhari in this digital era when other nations of the world are sending their youths to the moon he is here recycling old and worn out leaders who couldn’t even hold their position while in power 30 years ago even as a dictator yet, is promising me stability in his shaken state and frail stature.
    Trust me Buhari is tired and really wants to rest. But what can he do after collecting money from corrupt men like Atiku, Amechi and Tinubu. Then of course his daughter is active on twitter screaming Daddy is not a religious fanatic and his wife desperately needs to be first lady. And this is the man our clueless youths think can end corruption? Arrant nonsense!!!

  6. They are frustrated and the only way to ease the effect on their evil souls is to trade on trivialities. I thought the PDP is as strong as it claims?,then why the jitters in them?.I thought they said Buhari was going to be a Work over. Let see how you play the work over game.

  7. All of u talking 4 that so called dictator by name Buhari are all castrated Bulls…dis is 21st century…I bliv Nig as a nation had outgrown having a positioned illiterate as a president…Buhari ma foot … Dr. GEJ 4 life!!!


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