Northerners Not Supporting Buhari Are Being Threatened – Lamido


Jigawa State Governor, Sule Lamido has expressed disgust over what he described as the level of threat some northerners were facing for not supporting the presidential ambition of the former Head of State, General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd.)

“The fear of Buhari is the beginning of leadership failure; therefore Nigerians and the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, government must stand up to its mandate,” he said.

Lamido said this during the party’s presidential campaign in the state. He warned that the siege mentality with which people are being threatened in the north because of Buhari would backfire. He explained that any northerner who is not supporting Buhari was being threatened and seen as an infidel. nike air max 95
The governor therefore said he would not be perturbed by any intimidation or name callings because of his support for the PDP because he was a democrat and would continue to promote the truth.

He described Buhari as the only individual decorating the APC as a party, noting that the greatest mistake Nigerians would make is to give their mandate to an individual who does not believe in democracy.

“If you remove Gen. Buhari from APC, most of other members that rally behind him in the party lack sincere commitment and focus that Nigeria requires at this present time,” he said.


  1. I keep saying it…APC is an offshoot of violence and rebellious mentality. Everywhere na dem dey cause kasala. Their rally in Jos was also lawless and reckless- Same in Kaduna. Now its spreading like cancer. The most troubling of it all is that their Messiahs Buhari & Co don’t ever condemn such actions.

  2. lamido ur a true democrat,admire ur courage & vision,there’s nothing good in APC buhari book haram sponsor, tinubu Mr Chicago & drug addict,ameachi tout,these are d so called APC stupid leaders.

    • Cruel as Lamido may be he has NEVER criticized Buhari but rather his entourage so if you are rejoicing because you think he is implicating GMB then you are a FOOL.

  3. APC believes in violence. That’s why its easy 2 trace boko haram 2 them. They believe its by intimidating and harassing people 2 join them by force. Violence oriented! D wise would notice their desperation & win at all cost syndrome, driven by hate & religious intolerance!!

  4. Please let’s talk matured here be it APC or PDP any body that God gives Go ahead, then let him go on. But any party,Religion,or Tribal activist intending to cause problem in this forthcoming election, will be the first to face the problem.

  5. Yorubas have always remained traitors of the Southerners both during the Civil war, during series of coup in Nigeria and even now? How could they be rallying suppport for GMB coz of mere giving them of Vice President? No wahala, we Idoma, Ijaw, Itshekiri,south south states and our brothers the Igbos will reject u when the time comes. Cowards!

  6. Sule Lamido, GOD will bless u abundantly for standing and speaking this truth without fear, knowing that man can only die once, not twice. I pity most d Igbos and some Yorubas that have mortgaged their consciences for a morsel of bread, thereby trying to sell this great nation and its citizens into slavery. A man who does not believe in democracy cannot uphold true democracy, that’s d truth. If those of u in d north believe that Buhari is d one who has ur lives in his hands and would take it if don’t support him, then join his campaign. If not, then decide for ur selves dis day whom u will support and vote for. We are all free citizens of this nation, we should not allow anybody to hold us at ransom. The choice is ours to make. GOD bless Nigeria.

  7. The fear of being called an infidel has not make many to denounce PDP.
    But the corruptioncharges hanging on your neck and fear of losing relevance made people like you to remain in PDP


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