Omotola Receives Personal Letter From Amnesty International


She’s definitely now one of the most recognized stars in the world from Nigeria and her good work speaks for itself.

With excitement, Omotola has shared a letter from the officials of the global organization thanking her for her continuous support of the body and for the efforts to improve human rights situation in the world.

In a January 10 post, she wrote: –

“Getting a personal letter from the Secretary General of Amnesty international has to be one of the major highs in my career !”

See the text of the document sent from London:

“Dear Omo,

I am writing to thank you for taking injustice personally and for your ongoing support for Amnesty International and our efforts to strengthen human rights, in Africa and around the world.

You have been a staunch advocate for Amnesty International’s campaigns and I am personally grateful for your commitment and willingness to associate your name and public success with our cause.

We are looking forward to continue our collaboration in mobilising the humanity in everyone, through Amnesty International, and for human rights enjoyed by all.”

Omotola receives letter of appreciation from Amnesty International

It is none of a secret that Omotola is an active human rights activist who became Amnesty International campaigner in 2011.

Just last week the actress once again showed her philantrophic side as she organized the initiative “Give and let’s give” aimed at helping the less privileged.

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