Only Jonathan Can Give Nigerians The Dividends Of Democracy – Yuguda

Goodluck Jonathan

Bauchi State Governor, Isa Yuguda says only President Goodluck Jonathan can give the people of the state and Nigerians the dividends of democracy.

The governor said this, Monday, in Bauchi, at the end of a meeting held with the leaders of “Bauchi 2015 Support President Jonathan/Sambo PDP Progressive Forum.”

“We know what we want for our people; we know the kind of dividends of democracy that our people should have. And we know who can provide them; it is Jonathan that can provide them for us. Not any other person,” said Yuguda.

“I can say with a lot of confidence that when it comes to rating in terms of performance, Bauchi is second to none; and so we have so much to talk about the achievements of Mr President.

“And we have high hopes and high expectations as people of Bauchi, that when Mr President is unanimously voted, a lot of goodies will come to Bauchi State.“

The governor therefore expressed confidence that President Jonathan would emerge victorious in the February 14 presidential election. He noted that the state chapter of the party had set up the forum to campaign for President Jonathan’s reelection and ensure his victory.

“This is a very strong organisation that has been created out of the campaign structure of PDP in Bauchi State for the President and is composed of people who are highly experienced, people who are with the grassroots, who are well-respected and people who can really sell the transformation agenda of Mr President.

“And also they are adequately informed about the achievements of this administration and I do not think there is anything we, as a government, has done that they do not know.

“Bauchi people have blindly supported the opposition in the past; today their eyes have been opened.“They were carried away by sentiments.“There is no longer sentimentality in the politics of Bauchi State.

“Bauchi people are politically educated today, so the opposition should not take us for granted,” he said.


  1. Yuguda the thief. say anything to avoid prosecution by EFCC. your day of reckoning is here. You have been sharing the national cake to the detriment of the masses but the era of looting and sharing has come to an end.

  2. Nigeria has made significant progress in the area of free speech and personal liberties since, and the thought of another Buhari presidency is already sending chills and shivers down the spines of citizens, civil liberties organisations and the human rights community in general. For many Nigerians, Jonathan has been most tolerant of criticisms and opposing ideas; in fact, he has continued to encourage citizens to speak out as part of their inalienable rights under the Constitution by assuring them that under his watch, no one will be sent to jail, exiled or murdered for expressing his/her opinions as has been witnessed in Nigeria previously.

  3. President GEJ is the right candidate for Nigeria and a true democrat. How on earth can I vote a man whose intention is not for the well being of our nation. Never, not in my life time. FORGET GEN. BUHARI…..

  4. Who is GMB ? He is a man who stopped Ooni of Ife for traveling abroad simply because he visited the holy land of Israel in 1984. A man our Doctors will forever remember for baring Nigeria Medical Association (NMA), A man who jailed an honest Nigerian Pa Adekunle Ajasin. What more can I say……… Think and cast your vote wisely . Vote a democrat, vote Jonathan. #GEJfor2015.

  5. Listen to this guy “we know what we want for our people”. As if these people don’t have minds of their own. As if those in his state are robots! What a goat! People like you are bringing Nigeria into disrepute!