Osinbajo Unknown In The South West – PDP

gani-olaoluwaThe Peoples Democratic Party has downplayed the emergence of Prof. Yemi Osinbajo (SAN) as the running mate of Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), saying it cannot save the All Progressives Congress from defeat in the six states in the South West.

This was the position of the Chairman of the PDP in Osun State, Alhaji Gani Olaoluwa, who spoke with journalists in Osogbo on Thursday.

According to the Osun PDP chairman, the APC vice presidential candidate does not have the capability to sway voters in the South West to vote for Gen. Buhari.

Olaoluwa, who predicted victory for President Goodluck Jonathan in next month’s general election, said that the nation needed a focused leader like Jonathan to continue to run the affairs of the nation.

He said, “Osinbajo is not known in the South West. He has no impact in the region.We do not know him and our people cannot support a man they do not know. Prof. Osinbajo cannot lay claim to any contribution he has rendered to the South West region as a person.

“Osinbajo cannot make the people of the South West to vote for the APC candidate. The APC candidate cannot get the support of the people of the South West, despite the fact that his running mate hails from the region. Both Buhari and Osinbajo have nothing to offer for the people of the South West.

“We need people like Jonathan to continue leading us in Nigeria. This is a man who has done greatly in all sectors of the economy. He has done greatly in the South West and we can see all that he has done for us. This is a man we need for Nigeria to move forward”.

Olaoluwa pointed out that with the amicable resolution of all the internal wrangling, the ruling party was going into the poll united.


  • Osinbajo is an accomplished man who represents the much-needed breath of fresh air solution to the numerous problems afflicting Nigerians that Jonathan has proved incapable of solving in the past seven(7) years.

  • Yemi osibanjo cannot sway or win anything from the east. Their planned RCCG sentiments failed as RCCG openly denied his endorsement. They imposed OSIBANJO on buhari, how can 2 work unless they be in agreement. Light and darkness? Yemi save yourself from the same fate that all the previous vice presidential candidates of Buhari had. Buhari Will never rule Our COUNTRY

  • Nigerians have seen the light! They are going to vote for the party that has the blueprint for zero tolerance of corruption in Nigeria. The party that will give them electricity 24/7! A party that will create jobs for the million unemployed! A party that will guarantee the security of Nigerians! A party of actions not just words! So, what’s whether Professor Osibanjo is known here or there have got to do with it?

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