Photo Of Man Who Claims To Be Jonathan’s Son

Just weeks before the presidential elections in Nigeria, a 24 year-old man, Ibime Belema-Jonathan, has announced that he is the illegitimate son of incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan.


This revelation emerged at the weekend from an online blogger, Chukwudi Iwuchukwu, saying Belema-Jonathan, who claims to be a native of Nembe, Baylesa State, had made the announcement on his Twitter handle.

The report from the blogger said: “According to Belema-Jonathan, his mother was a receptionist in a Port Harcourt hotel (which shall remain undisclosed) when she met Goodluck nearly 25 years ago.

“Their relationship was made private because of the risks it posed to Goodluck’s then fledgling political career.”

The blogger added that Belema-Jonathan stated that, “He has decided to disclose this information after recently being informed by his mother, who had just passed away.

It is his desire for his father to assume and fulfil his fatherly duties after a lifetime of absence”, that led to the revelation.

Iwuchukwu, who claims the Nigerian Law School, Lagos, as his address, concluded by admitting that, “we are in a season of political campaign and anything can come up, but the resemblance is striking.”

However, Dr Reuben Abati, the Special Adviser to President Jonathan on media, has denied the claim, saying that the President does not have any illegitimate sons by whatever name.

According to Abati, the report is cheap propaganda from the opposition party.

The Special Adviser added that the timing of the report, coming in the heat of the election campaign, shows the desperation of some people.


He said: “It is good for them to know that propaganda and cheap blackmails do not win elections.

“Nigerians know who they want and who they will vote for. Churning out such blackmail story will not win the election.

“This is also coming at a time that the opposition parties signed the Abuja Accord meant to ensure that election campaigns are issue-based and do not degenerate into blackmail.”


  1. if truly he is Jonathan son he wouldn’t reveal that now knowing fully well that it may jeopardize his father career, give the opposition a topic of discussion n if truly he is saying d truth den how come Jonathan didn’t deny his adopted children but instead allowed everyone know, how then will he deny his own son, personnally have have been told I resemble 2various people but we Aint even family friend……so he should be ashamed of himself for being allowed to be used as a tool

  2. That guy is a cheat, how come u never showed up when he was a deputy Gov, Governor, or V P why now? You can fool some pple some time, but u can fool all the pple all the time. Pls go look for another trick with your sponsors. Onye Ori armed robber, Ole, barawoo.

  3. Only in Nollywood movies does such affect electoral victories. Na today people dey have kids outside wedlock? If u r saying d truth guy, u just missed an opportunity to chop from d national cake, cos u can make ur case better. If na lie, just too bad, but I can assure u, this won’t affect d outcome of d election. The heavens had decided d winner.

  4. I really support your point Uncle P the guy must be a cheap tool in the hand of this desperate politician who will do anything to achieved anything. Why has he not come up before nw with his said claim. Yeye dey smell.

  5. Ify, na true o!…… Chei! This is real computer work!… But to what end?…. To discredit APC?…Absolute rubbish!!! Person wey don fail don fail be that o. And no any straw for a drowning man (PDP) to clutch to.

  6. Whether dis na computer work or not, the guy be really a bastad. Only afta d death of his mother he now comes out. Even if it true, who make his claim 4 him. GEJ don’t mind them o. Carry on with ur good job. God Almighty shall see u through again

  7. just tell us ur mothers name, her compound’s name in Nembe. we shall find out if she actually exist. Nembe is not a place where people can get lost in the crowd like Lagos, rather its an Island where anybody can be identified atleast tru d compound u come from. Why are we becoming childish in play politics in dis millenium era? or are our politicians thinking dat we are as stupid as d 60’s or late 70’s?