(PHOTOS) See the ‘daughter-like’ wife of the former governor of Kogi, Audu Abubakar


Some said she was his (him – being former governor of Kogi, Audu Abubakar) new wife, others said she was his daughter. Erm, a new pic has been released to clear the confusion.


That’s his new wife. Her name is (supposedly) Olivia and she’s University of Jos undergraduate.


    • Why didnt u check ur record well before u open ur mouth to talk, Audu Ogbe was never an APC governor, You hear thank you. Deris God ooooooooooo.

  1. Tade mind u,audu was gov on d platform of pdp.why drag apc into evry aspect of ur miserable life?pls get ursef educated bfr posting comment so as nt to display ur level of ignorance to d larger society

  2. @Fare: What do you mean by conjugal love? That girl is simply on assignment namely to have her own share of both the national and state cake the governor looted while in office! You don’t call that love. Besides, she understands that where the man is going is nearer than where he’s coming from. So, just a little patience of enduring even mouth odour from old age, becoming a third, fourth or fifth wife and some other issues would be worth the while. Besides, that girl seem to be or have been a Christian (church-goer really), before veering off course for the sake and love of money.God help us in this wicked, loveless and heartless world, in Jesus name. Amen.

  3. I go shout oh! This grandpa want kill im self abi? And the mumu girl kuku waka follow am? For what now? Money of course! Him don join im fellow child abusers- Sen. sani Ahmed- birds of the same feathers.

  4. Money dey make some girls behave any how sha dis one wey go soon join his ancestors or e son go kill am to marry d girl sharp sharp na wa oooo wahala dey dis country

  5. You Nigerian’s and your useless mentality. Now first of all, i want to clear the air by saying it is not only muslims that marry women far younger than them, the oyinbos does it. Secondly, what makes you sure that she her self or her parents are not rich? And please do not bring politics into this issue, it has absolutely got nothing to do with it. Lastly, to all those that have got nothing credible to say, then keep ur opinions to thy self.

  6. All of you have oyibo mentality.The lady is grown fully developed biologically old man or no old man it does not have bearing on the size of penis. Younger man might even be more dangerous to the young woman.Any Nigerian lady if you see rich man marry him.There are millions of Nigerian ladies both muslims and christians who are buried every day because they don’t have one naira to buy medicine.The nature of man is survival of the most capable.


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