Presidential Election: All Nigerians Will Be Given Equal Opportunity If I Win – Sonaiya


The presidential candidate that seem to have how to rule Nigeria planned but is not getting the attention of Nigerians, Prof. Oluremi Sonaiya, on Thursday promised to give equal opportunity to all Nigerians to contribute to national development, if elected.

The presidential candidate of the KOWA Party, who spoke at a news conference in Lagos, said that her administration would ensure that all sections of the population enjoy dividends of democracy.

“A KOWA government will seek to be all-inclusive, working to ensure that no section of the population feels excluded.

“Policies will be put into place to ensure that buildings in all public places (banks, schools, business and leisure places, as well as places of worship) are accessible by wheelchair.

“Braille and sign languages will be mainstreamed into public communication activities,” Sonaiya said.

According to her, a `living’ pension for the aged and people living in the very low income bracket will also be instituted. Her administration would also uphold and defend the dignity of all human beings.

Being a woman, she promised to ensure that women must be protected by law from all forms of exploitation and socio-cultural practices which robbed them of dignity. She however vowed to take gender perspectives into consideration in her policy formulation and programmes.

Sonaiya said that her administration would protect Nigerian children against danger and diseases, adding that all necessary immunisation would be provided, as she would also strive to reduce maternal mortality to the barest minimum.

She pledged to protect all children from exploitation through increased support to relevant agencies.

Sonaiya has President Goodluck Jonathan of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and Muhammadu Buhari of the All Progressives Congress (APC) between her and the presidential seat. The two candidates are the front runners in the race for the presidency, as election holds on February 14.

While many Nigerians who criticize Jonathan’s government admit they want change, they would prefer someone other than Buhari. Sonaiya seem the next good choice for several Nigerians, but many are not convinced the professor of French has what it takes to take over the mantle of leadership at this time, with Nigeria battling with myriad of issues, especially security and economic issue.


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