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President Goodluck Jonathan on Thursday took a swipe at the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Muhammadu Buhari, calling on young Nigerians to find out the truth about Buhari’s government in the 80’s.

According to Premium Times report, Jonathan who spoke to party supporters at the flag off of the Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP, campaign in Lagos, said Nigerians must choose between a vote to be relevant or be treated as a “nonsense person”.


They said they will fight insecurity. When he (General Buhari) was Head of State, did he buy one rifle for the Nigerian soldiers?

“Ask them what they did with the defence budget,” Jonathan said.

Speaking on corruption, Jonathan said the best way to tackle corruption is to strengthen public institutions, adding that his strategy for combating the menace is not by indiscriminate arrest and jail of people.

The president said he stands by due process as any country that does not respect due process is a jungle.

Reacting to report that the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta,MEND, had pledged their support for the opposition party, APC, Jonathan laughed it off.

The president said: “Orkar, the leader of MEND, is in South African prison because he was procured by some Nigerians to assassinate me.

“The man who is in South African prison for killing Nigerians is endorsing some people.”

Jonathan however, used the opportunity to apologize to federal civil servants for the delay in their December salary, attributing it to the IPPIS system which, he said, shut down after officials attempted to divert some of the salaries.

In his opening remarks, Ahmadu Ali, the Director of the Jonathan-Sambo Campaign Organisation, had said that the PDP, unlike the APC, belongs to all Nigerians.

The presidential candidate of the APC, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (rtd), on December 6, commenced his campaign in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

He was said to have been welcomed by a huge crowd today in Bayelsa state as he continues his presidential rally across Nigeria.



    by Charles Novia

    I don’t sit on the fence as a rule.

    I have said it many times that I am rooting for the re-election of President Jonathan in February. It is my stand. It is my right.

    For many others like me, in the millions, all over the country who would vote PDP in February, it is a statement of fact.

    For those on facebook and social media, I ask you to wake up. If you already have made up your mind to vote GEJ do not allow the propaganda or the vociferous insults of the opposition get to you. Make your stand known and stick to it. It is your right. If they come to your wall to insult you for making your stand known, answer them with facts and courtesy if you are so inclined. Because they will be insulting. It is a strategy of the opposition.

    But take your stand and stick to it. You might have many or few reasons to vote GEJ or you might have only one reason. But for whatever it is worth. Take your stand and let it be known.

    There are millions in the grassroots who will vote Jonathan and give him his victory. There are millions in the villages and rural areas whose lives have been positively touched by his policies and they are not blind. They will vote.

    You too will join them in the vote. So, take your stand today. Do not be ashamed nor frightened.
    It is your stand and your right. Let them hate you for it, if they want to. They are the ones who are being eaten up by hate while you have the power of the dove and love in you. Make your stand known.

    And stand by your stand. If only for one thing; GEJ has given us freedom of speech more than any other leader in Nigeria.

    It is within the ambits of such freedom that you and the opposition express yourselves.

    I took my stand

  • Gen. Buhari’s rigime in d 80’s is better than gej’s killings administration @present so nigerians vote buhari for a peace and better nigeria, or vote gej to behead the remaining citizens….gej is a course to nierians….bloody killer…

  • nawa for our leaders a leader who. Is afraid to make arrest of a criminal just because he don’t want to look cruel he did worth my vote and never to trusted and followed

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