Read What The Average Americans Really Know About Nigeria

A number of American adults were asked to fill in a blank map of Africa, and the results speak volumes.

Oftentimes, the world community notices and reacts to tragedies that occur in the developed countries, but would ignore terrible events in Africa and Nigeria. For instance, the massacre in Borno State that happened at the beginning of January 2015, went totally unnoticed. Boko Haram murdered more than 2,000 people in 3 days. In comparison, deaths of 17 persons in France from the hands of Muslim radicalists got overwhelming social media support. Close to four million people gathered for a solidarity march through Paris.

It demonstrates the predisposition of the global community to double standards. Between January 7 and January 11, the murders in France generated over 50 times more news stories worldwide than tragedies that happen daily in Nigeria.

Africa is usually perceived as a distant, chaotic continent devoid of familiar faces.

To demonstrate the lack of understanding, a geographic experiment was conducted. American adults were asked to label a blank map of Africa.

Here are the results:

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  • Africans in general don’t promote Africa enough. Africans need to promote their cultures, arts, customs, etc wherever they are. Many Africans are more of European or American than being African. Africans need to adopt a lingua franca (a general language) for Africa. The late Dr Nkruma proposed Swahili. Africans need to revisit this again. Why are so many Africans so obsessed with looking or behaving like north Americans or the Europeans? Just look at how African women are obsessed with wearing artificial hair (wigs) believing that that would make them look like white women! What a self delusion! James Emmanuel Kwega Aggry an African once said: “I am proud of my colour. Whoever is not proud of his colour is not fit to live. In the whole wide world, Africa my Africa comes first”. Africans, be proud of who you are, then people would notice who you are and be interested in where you come from – Africa.

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