Sylva Spits Fire: “Jonathan Not My Brother… Thinks Only Of Himself”

Sylva3_462273906The immediate past Governor of Bayelsa State, Chief Timipre Sylva, has said he publicly denounced President Goodluck Jonathan as his brother because he (president) failed to develop the Niger Delta region.

Above all, the ex-governor said Jonathan denied him all the love, care and protection expected from a brother.

Insisting that the president betrayed the aspirations of the people of the region, Sylva said that Jonathan by so doing, rejected the brotherhood of his people.

Sylva had while campaigning for the presidential candidate of his party, the All Progressive Congress (APC), Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, at the Samson Siasia Stadium, Yenagoa, last week, disowned the president before a crowd of people from the state.

But justifying his position to the people of the state on a private radio station, Royal FM, shortly after the rally, the ex-governor said he was convinced that the candidature of Buhari would change the polity and the nation for good.

According to Sylva, the bond he shared with President Jonathan broke the day the latter engineered his removal from office and hatched series of plot to put him behind bars without success.

The former governor, who is flying the flag of APC for the Bayelsa East Senatorial District, said he feels more comfortable working with his new political friends than Jonathan.

He said, “Please, go and ask my so called brother. If he is really my brother. I don’t think he is my brother. Who is your brother? Your brother is who looks after you. He, who looks after your back. This is a so-called brother who pushed you to the fox. As far as am concerned, my brother is the one I met on the street and took me into his home.

“And am sure you will agree with me that a brother who pushed me into the street for the fox to eat me up is not my brother. As far as am concerned, I don’t see him as a brother anymore. Please, I don’t think Bayelsa should make the mistake. His problem is that he only thinks about himself.

“And we should be careful. Let us look, what has Bayelsa gained from the Presidency. Where is the Federal project in the state that is significant? I don’t see any. Not even electricity is available in Otuoke. And you have the Presidency.

“If I have somebody else that is not my brother but a friend with my interest at heart, it is better. Sometimes a good friend is better than a bad brother. If a good friend can come and give us electricity and good jobs, I will go for that good friend rather than go for that bad brother. Look at Bayelsa. Look at Niger Delta”.


  1. Please Sylva spoke the obvious. Come to think about it all the major investment in the SS were done by the Hausa. Refinery, ports. Etc.. Hmmmmmm Sylva I support you, GMB all the way..

  2. Sylva you have become a Cain here. Trying to act like a good man. What have you achieved during your tenure as Governor?
    APC has been consistent in saying dat PDP has ruled Nigeria for 16 disastrous years in which corruption, impunity, insurgency, armed robbery and several ill society held sway.
    But at a very close luk at APC, I am seeing
    1. Rotimi Amaechi – 8years speaker, 7years Governor under PDP
    2. Atiku Abubakar – 8years Vice president under PDP
    3. George Akume – 8years Governor under PDP
    4. Bukola saraki – 8years Governor, 2years Senator under PDP
    5. Timipre Sylver – 4years Governor under PDP
    6. Audu Ogbe – 2years Chairmanship under PDP
    7. Aminu Masari – 4years speaker, house of Rep under PDP
    8. Chris Ngige – 3years Governor under PDP
    9. Rabiu Kwankwaso – 7years Governor, 3years Defense Minister under PDP
    10. El Rufai – 4years FCT Minister, 2years BPE chairman under PDP
    11. And to cap it all, Obasanjo is d Navigator of APC, a man who spent 8years of d disastrous 16years as d maximum ruler of Nigeria.
    It is now clearer dat APC is a waste basket of PDP, wia d people who created n perpetuated d 16disastrous years are now dumped, so wia is d CHANGE comim 4rm?
    Are they now saints cos d joined APC? Pls, b wise n Vote not 4 those seekin power by FORCE… ASSOCIATION OF PAST CRIMINALS (APC) and that includes you.


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