TB Joshua Takes Relatives Of SCOAN Building Collapse Victims On Shopping Spree

The Founder of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) Prophet TB Joshua took some of the relatives of the 85 South Africans killed in a SCOAN guesthouse collapse on a shopping spree and showered them with cash, South African Daily News reports.

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44 relatives of the deceased received invitations for Christmas dinner from the leader of the SCOAN. Many have accepted them.

A 47-year-old Mpumalanga schoolteacher, Wonder Ndlovu, lost her 52-year-old husband, Mbongeni Ndlovu, in the collapse.

The woman recounted her “nice time” in Nigeria with the pastor. According to her, she and the group members had been taken shopping, apparently at TB Joshua’s expense. The SCOAN handed out 50,000 Naira to South Africans and picked the best hotels for their accommodation. Visit to the site of the collapse was also a part of the programme.

“He (Joshua) took us to a five-star posh hotel for dinner, fine food and drinks. The hotel is in Victoria Island.

“After chilling we came back in his luxurious kombis. (There were) more surprises while (we were) preparing to sleep. The mamas who took us shopping knocked and presented us with 50,000 naira each and they said we (must not) use all our (own) shopping money… I just sang A huna ya tshwana le yena (there’s no one like him),” Ndlovu said.

On Monday the group visited the disaster site the widow from South Africa said it was an emotional experience. She said the disaster site was ugly. According to TB Joshua’s guest they were all convinced it was an attack upon seeing it.

“We met with the man of God (Joshua) and he briefed us about the site visit.

“Wiseman Harry and other evangelists took us there, it was very emotional for me, but others were strong and comforting.

“I brought flowers from South Africa and laid them with my son.”

She further added that the prophet amazed everyone again. He took the group for sightseeing and more shopping. The South Africans kept buying things and the bill was on him.

Then TB Joshua laid his hands on and prayed for the relatives. Ndlovu described this feeling as a “touch from heaven”.

“We were having the time of our lives, forgetting the pain of the past and looking forward to picking up the pieces and moving on. Yesterday has gone by, but tomorrow is forever.”

One more group of South Africans is expected to depart Nigeria this January.

Reverend Eric Myeni, whose 29-year-old son, Sabelo, died in the September 12 collapse, is one of those who accepted Joshua’s invitation. He hopes to meet the prophet and receive spiritual guidance.

“We need to overcome what has happened by showing our faith in Christ. We can never reverse our adversity. But with hope in the Lord we can overcome the pain suffered,” he said.

The SCOAN tragedy happened after 12 in the afternoon on September 12, 2014, in Ikotun area of Lagos. No fewer than 115 people, mostly South Africans, perished.

The Lagos state coroner is carrying out an inquest into the causes of the collapse at a guesthouse within the church’s compound. The true reason of the collapse is yet to be determined, as many theories persist: construction without proper permits, a mysterious aircraft, controlled demolition by explosion, an “infrasonic weapon”, among others.

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